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How To Measure Your Digital Marketing Results

Posted on 15/05/14 by Joel Black

Inbound marketing is a sure way of generating traffic and leads on your website. It should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Make sure you have the analytic tools in place to measure your marketing effectiveness.

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What Type Of Website Do You Have?

Posted on 06/05/14 by Joel Black

If you had to put your website into a category of sales, marketing or information, which would it be? Do you think it would be possible for all websites to fit in a sales category?

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What Does Your Website Do?

Posted on 29/04/14 by Joel Black

Does your website generate sales? If it doesn’t, then what does it actually do?

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Why Do All Websites Look The Same?

Posted on 15/04/14 by Joel Black

Are you frustrated because all websites generally look the same? All websites basically have the same structure. How can we be different?

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3 Surefire Ways to Increase Sales On Your Website

Posted on 09/04/14 by Joel Black

It’s simple, there are 3 ways you can increase sales from your website: Traffic, Conversions, Quality.

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How Important Is A Domain Name For Business?

Posted on 01/04/14 by Joel Black

When choosing a domain name for your business, keep these three things in mind: domain auction, spelling, keywords

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Creating Offers and Landing Pages

Posted on 25/03/14 by Joel Black

Creating high converting landing pages is not something that you do the first time and get it right. You have to test and optimize your landing pages.

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5 Reasons People Leave Your Website

Posted on 06/02/14 by Joel Black

A good website boosts your reputation while a bad one will scare away potential customers. This should be motivation enough to invest in a good website.

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Black Bear Design Launches New 3-Mentors Website

Posted on 30/01/14 by Joel Black

Black Bear design, an innovator in web design and online marketing services, today announced completion of their latest project, the design and launch of a new web site for 3-Mentors

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Top 10 Reasons To Have A Business Website

Posted on 30/01/14 by Joel Black

The internet has caused a total shift in the way many Americans shop and search for the information they need. According to Statista, consumers spent more than $289 billion in online sales during 2012. In addition, Envesp has claimed that more than 80 percent of the people who use the internet have made at least one online purchase in […]

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Black Bear Design Launches Netsolace Website

Posted on 27/01/14 by Joel Black

Black Bear Design has showcased its progress again in web design with the launch of  Netsolace website. The new Netsolace website is an addition to Black Bear Design’s impressive portfolio that clearly sets the company ahead of other design agencies in Atlanta. The new website hints to the paradigm shift that web design is taking […]

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Websites Are Like Underwear

Posted on 24/01/14 by Joel Black

It is true, websites really are like underwear. Are one’s undies new?  Are they fresh?  Or does the web design seem old and stinky?  Some are embarrassed by their choice of undergarments (i.e. their websites) and still others? Choose not to have on underwear at all! No website? No business.  Fresh and New Websites If a […]

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How To Organize Your Website Content

Posted on 07/01/14 by Joel Black

Ever thought about organizing your website content but couldn’t figure out where to start? A well organized and user friendly website is possible with a little planning. Here are a few thought provoking questions to help you get started.

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Turn Turn Turn, A Time To Redesign Your Website

Posted on 13/12/13 by Joel Black

Almost every day I will receive a call from a distraught business owner looking for help with his/her disaster of a website.

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When Should I Redesign My Website

Posted on 02/12/13 by Joel Black

When should I redesign my website? There are many things to take into consideration, lets look at SEO and internet marketing considerations first.

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Builder Display Ad Remarketing With Google Adwords

Posted on 18/10/13 by Joel Black

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to buying a home, it could be more like $350,000 dollars! Putting PPC display advertising to work for you!

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How Much Does A Website Cost [infographic]

Posted on 15/10/13 by Joel Black

Recently I wrote a post on “How Much Does A Website Cost” which explains in detail the difference in cost you might encounter when pricing web design companies.  I used two fictional companies to illustrate the difference each company might charge.  Here is a short excerpt of the post to catch you up if you have […]

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How Much Does A Professional Website Cost

Posted on 08/10/13 by Joel Black

How much does a website cost is like asking how much does a car cost. Let’s look at some examples of how two companies might price a website.

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Affordable Web Design

Posted on 25/09/13 by Joel Black

Good web design does not have to break the bank. You know your business better than anyone, use that to save money and make your web design affordable!

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What Is The First Step To Creating A Blog?

Posted on 18/09/13 by Joel Black

The first step to creating a blog is easy, the hard part is keeping it filled with content.  So this question goes little bit deeper than just creating a blog, but creating a content strategy that you can be consistent with.  Creating a professional blog is easy if you have a web development company like […]

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First steps to building a website for your business

Posted on 13/09/13 by Joel Black

The first step to building a user friendly website that will drive traffic to your site is to start with the end in mind.

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