Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation services, managed by Black Bear Design, take your perfectly crafted messages and optimizes them by turning an otherwise repetitive action like email marketing into a calculated effort. This can convert more leads into sales for your business.

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How Can We Help You Stand Out in the Forest?

We build search engine friendly, responsive websites. Our process is made to deliver results quickly and efficiently. Our web development team is conveniently located in Atlanta & Charlotte.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation figures out how to use your marketing content in the most effective way possible. We take your personalized message and determine how to best target it to the right people through the right delivery system at the optimal time. A marketing automation system allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure the success of one-time and ongoing marketing tasks and workflows

What Can Marketing Automation Do For You?

Marketing automation is an incredibly powerful tool that can ease the pain of repetitive tasks like creating and recreating multiple emails for your audiences. From weekly email newsletters to new product announcements to ‘thank you for your purchase’ follow-ups, email automation will save your team time and effort thereby positively impacting your bottom line.


What are CRMs?

Customer Relationship Management helps maintain your relationships and touch points with customers and potential customers. Where marketing automation is more focused on building awareness and understanding of your services, CRMs can be more focused on sales. An effective CRM tool helps your company stay connected to its customers in a meaningful way through contact management, sales outreach, ongoing communications and more.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing develops customer relationships at each stage of the sales funnel and throughout the buyer’s journey. It allows you to focus your marketing efforts by monitoring your prospects and providing the data and information they need to move down the funnel. By managing relationships and interactions with your existing customers as well as identifying leads, you can find new buyers, win new business, and provide support and service throughout your relationship with the client.

Our Marketing Automation Partners

We want to become a valued part of taking your business to the next level – and we want to hear how we can help you make that happen. If this sounds like the kind of relationship you’d like to have with your agency, then let’s talk.

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Our Marketing Automation Services Include:

Email Marketing

Creating email marketing campaigns can be overwhelming. We get it. You have a lot of awesome information you want to share – monthly newsletters, drip campaigns, emails thanking your customers for their purchase – it can quickly feel like you’re writing 100 different emails a day. Not only can our team create beautiful and relevant messages, but we can also track its success and utilize that information to help you better connect with your leads.

Visitor ID

Want to know who is visiting your site? Visitor ID in SharpSpring can see that and so much more. What brought someone to your site? What pages did they visit? How long were they there? We can capture and report this data and through effective analysis, help turn that information into better messages and increased sales.


Building meaningful relationships with your customers is essential. Black Bear Design can take your Customer Relationship Management to the next level with useful tools like scheduled personalized follow-up emails to your contacts. We can then use this automated CRM tool to manage the lead pipeline, track sales communications, and activity – and help you close the deal.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a static web page that exists to drive users to accomplish a specific task within your sales funnel: sign up for an event, download a white paper, etc. They can be an incredibly useful part of the conversion process. As a website design agency, Black Bear Design can use our WordPress expertise to build the perfect landing page (or pages) for whatever your company’s unique needs and goals may be. Through smart, gated content and well-designed forms, you’ll be able to capture more lead information and act on it.


Forms are a powerful tool in gathering data and learning about your customers. We are able to build customizable forms all while maintaining the feel of your landing page or website. Once we’ve built the perfect form, we are able to gather measurable insights allowing you a deeper understanding of your marketing ROI.


Tracking the results of your efforts is critical: knowledge is power. It impacts how you move forward with your strategy. What’s working? What can be improved? Carefully-interpreted analytics answer these questions with real and accurate data. We are able to compile marketing automation data across various platforms and share that with you so you can see the success of your marketing efforts.

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Why Black Bear Design?

At Black Bear Design, we know the importance of crafting the perfect message to reach not just any audience, but the right audience for your business. Using our team members’ skills, we can craft a well-thought-out message, build an eye-catching design around it, strategically share that message, and meticulously track the results.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter marketing. Everything we do is tailored to you. We bring a variety of tools to the table that allows Black Bear Design to pair our unparalleled marketing skills with the right marketing automation platforms for our clients (that’s you) to see measurable results.

Through automated marketing, we can ensure that you’re not spending valuable time and efforts screaming into the forest. We know how to focus the message and track who’s listening. Got a challenge? We’d love to hear it – we love a challenge!

As an Atlanta marketing automation company, Black Bear Design would love to work with you to help you stand out in the forest.

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