What Is The First Step To Creating A Blog?

By on 09/18/2013

The first step to creating a blog is easy, the hard part is keeping it filled with content.  So this question goes little bit deeper than just creating a blog, but creating a content strategy that you can be consistent with.  Creating a professional blog is easy if you have a web development company like us in your pocket, and if not, you can create a free blog over at WordPress.com by clicking on the graphic below.  But first, read the rest of this post.

Wordpress Blog For Free

Increase Rankings With Blogging

There are a lot of people out there that will tell you the more content you create on a consistent basis, the better off you’re going to be with search engines and rankings. Those people would be correct, I am one of those people that with that you that. This is much easier said than done though.  I make it a goal to try and post a blog twice a week. That’s a pretty hefty goal for me, I am actually writing this post by iPhone “voice to email” while driving down the road. It is a lot of work, but you have to commit and stick with it. 

The First Step To Creating A Blog

The first step to creating a blog is coming out with a plan for content. Map out some high-level topics that you may know a lot about.   Can use those topics to create series that you can post about a couple times a week. For example, currently I’m doing a series on the seven for steps to marketing your small business. My first blog post was introducing the series, and the next seven are the seven steps. I’m better at talking on an iPhone than I am a doing math, but that’s eight total post, Im posting twice a week, so I have a month worth of blog post planned. 

Write Down Your Thoughts, Dump Your Mind

So write down a few topics that you know a lot about, then break them up into 10 tips, 10 steps or 30 awesome things you need to know, develop it into a series, and then post about it couple times a week. Technology is great, use it. If you have to do voice to text while driving in traffic, that technology is there to be your friend.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you do in your blog topics or what your tricks are to generate content for your blog.

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