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By on 10/18/2013

You’ve heard the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to buying a home, it could be more like $350,000 dollars!  If your already knee deep in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or if you haven’t even stepped in yet, I have an idea to get the most bang for your buck!

Adwords Remarketing

PPC Display Advertising Using Remarketing

If you’re not sure what remarketing is, it’s very simple to understand. Lets say a potential customer comes to your site, lets call him John.  John spends a few minutes on your website one night looking at your inventory and moves on to other sites as he surfs the web.  It’s Saturday morning now and John goes to check the football schedule for the day, he really loves football, Florida Gators in particular!  John just happens to be on who happens to use Google Adwords to serve banner ads.  You have a banner ad on Google Adwords that shows a beautiful house, one of the same homes John looked at.  It says, “Open House Sunday, We Will Have The Game On.” Now that is remarketing at its best.

How Remarketing Works

When John visited your website, a cookie was put on his computer.  When John goes to other websites, we know and show him ads.  We can show him specific ads based on what page he looked at on your site.  So if he looked at a 5 bedroom, 4 bath house, we can show him that exact house on a banner ad.  And it even gets better that that!  We can set up a landing page on your website that the banner ad will link back to.  When John clicks back in, we’ll tell John we would love to see him Sunday at the open house and we will be saving him a seat so he wont miss any of the game.  We show John a form and ask him to confirm he is coming.  Now we have a lead and a commitment!

Here Is All You Need

All you need to put remarketing to work for you is your website, an Adwords account and banner graphics.  The setup is a little complex and you’ll need to think through the entire strategy, but the foundation is simple.  The first step is getting the code onto your page, your ads do not trigger until you have at minimum 100 users in it.  So don’t hesitate, get the code on your page and start collecting your list as your putting the other pieces into place.  If you need help, touch base with me and I’ll give you a hand.


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