First steps to building a website for your business

By on 09/13/2013

Let me start out by saying that I own a web development company, so don’t read this skeptically. I’m dumping my professional knowledge out for your benefit. One of the first and  most important thing is, do not use a do-it-yourself website builder application. Small business owners may think they do not have money and try to build a website themselves, only to end up with a website that looks like they built themselves with no real user experience or architecture. That’s my disclaimer, now I’ll move on.

The First Step

The first step to building a user friendly website that will drive traffic to your site is to start with the end in mind. What action do you want the user to take on your website? Do you want prospects to contact you, and if so, why would they want to contact you? Do you want to capture their information so you can nurture the lead? If so, what is that lead worth to you? What are you willing to give away in exchange for their information? Don’t start building, or having a website built for you without knowing the final action the user is going to take.

As your starting out, websites do not have to be expensive or overly complex. The first step is to start simple!  Buy a domain name and contact a web design company such as us to start the conversation about what’s best for your company. Something you’ll want to mention during this conversation is a content management system. This is a system that will let you change some of the textual content on your pages. This is important because as you grow you’ll want to change some of the content on your pages. They are generally more expensive than your basic websites, so you have to think about the future and how many times would you have to make an update to compensate for the extra it would cost to have a content management system.

Things To Plan For

You’ll want to have a conversation about a blog and content creation. If you’re going to compete online, you have to generate content and build pages on your site.  You will also want to take into consideration SEO & internet marketing.  When your website is complete, your job is just starting!

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