Black Bear Design Launches Netsolace Website

Black Bear Design has showcased its progress again in web design with the launch of  Netsolace website. The new Netsolace website is an addition to Black Bear Design’s impressive portfolio that clearly sets the company ahead of other design agencies in Atlanta. The new website hints to the paradigm shift that web design is taking with today’s fast-changing technologies.


The team at Black Bear Design has showcased its creativity in website design with the launch of the new Netsolace website. Netsolace, a web based platform for the franchising industry, needed a website that is user-friendly yet supports the technology that will make it easier for customers to manage, measure and maintain consistency across their businesses in multiple locations. Black Bear Design was able to achieve these requirements through a clean “apple-like” web interface and structure of Netsolace website.

In a world where the Internet is accessed from different devices, adaptability and responsiveness is taking center stage in web design. Black Bear Design’s approach to the Netsolace website clearly illustrates this. The website is fluid and can fit different devices. This is important especially to Netsolace users, who will be using the platform from their office computers as well as handheld devices on the go.

The website is neat as well as responsive. To achieve responsiveness, Black Bear Designs chose Twitter Bootstrap for the CSS foundation. Twitter Bootstrap shaves off web design time, allowing for the development of other complex web functionalities. When customized, the technology can result in great web designs like can be seen with Netsolace.

In web development, the user interface is not sufficient to guarantee great user experience. Apart from having a great user interface, the website has to be based on stable and scalable infrastructure. It is common for websites to run on CMS platforms that allow scalability. One of the most stable CMS platforms is WordPress. With a plethora of plugins and a great development community, WordPress was the obvious choice CMS for Netsolace. Black Bear Designs laid the beautiful user interface over a stable WordPress CMS to ensure great user experience for users.

The launch of is a testament of Black Bear Design’s approach of building responsive websites following modern industry technologies and best practices.  The web design company has confirmed its ability to take on massive projects and deliver to the client’s satisfaction. For, Black Bear Design saw the need for concentrate on simplicity and responsiveness for a better user experience. The management at Netsolace is very impressed with the outcome of their project.

About Black Bear Design

Black Bear Design is an Atlanta based web design firm offering all forms of  online marketing services such as website design , search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing.

The agency has  a talented team of multi-media specialists, IT developers, PR consultants, marketers, illustrators,  and designers can help you build your brand online. The team takes pride in its work as well as first-rate service. While the company is serious about what it does, you will also find them fun to work with. Find out more about the company at

About Netsolace

Netsolace simplifies IT systems for the franchise industry and beyond.  The company’s solutions increase productivity and save your business money and resources.

Netsolace is committed to the success of your business.  The company’s technology allows users to manage, measure, and maintain consistency throughout any business with multiple locations.  Built for a growing enterprise, Netsolace’s products ensure quality development as you add new locations and expand your business. For more information, visit

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