Websites Are Like Underwear

By on 01/24/2014

It is true, websites really are like underwear. Are one’s undies new?  Are they fresh?  Or does the web design seem old and stinky?  Some are embarrassed by their choice of undergarments (i.e. their websites) and still others? Choose not to have on underwear at all! No website? No business. 

Fresh and New Websites

If a website is fresh and new, it will draw business in and keep people coming back.  Of course, if a site does have a fresh take on things, it is time to market the site.  If not, no one will ever see it. While the purpose of underwear may be to stay hidden, in this case, show off those fancy, new undies! 

Old and Stinky Websites

If a website is old and stinky, it needs to be thrown out or cleaned up, just like a pair of old underwear.  Jazz it up, give it a fresh new look, or replace it!  A website that is outdated will not only stop drawing in new clients, it will repel them. Prospective clients will take one look and then they will leave.

Make sure the site is up-to-date, modern, and user friendly.  Can this old, stinky website be cleaned up? Or does it need to be tossed, and replaced with a new pair (i.e. a new web design)?

Embarrassing Websites

Embarrassing underwear is the worst!  No one wants to show it off, and when it is seen, it is laughed at. No one wants a website that is embarrassing, either. If the site is poorly done, those who stop by will simply move on (perhaps after laughing for a moment or two). 

Change up an embarrassing site by seeking outside advice.  There is no need to be embarrassed any longer, simple refresh the site and make it more presentable. A web design company can help revamp the site.  

No Website at All

No underwear at all? Not having a website is never a good idea.  No business around today can expect to make money without having a well designed website.  The website is a marketing tool that brings in business, creates buzz, and functions as a sales tool. Over 53% of small businesses have websites, but Nielsen studies show that when shopping for a product or service, 73% of consumers actually rely on search engines to help them find local businesses from which to buy.  

These small businesses, the ones that consumers can find, are the ones raking in the dough.

Do not go out without underwear, small businesses need websites in order to market themselves!  Sit down with a professional and figure out what the business needs in terms of web design and web representation.  Design a web presence, and do not be left standing, alone, without underwear.

Websites really are like underwear. Without it, there is nowhere to go. Every successful business needs a fresh, clean website to draw in clients and make money.  Sit down with a web design company and freshen up!

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