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Your website should leap off the screen to clearly communicate your brand’s image, message, products, and services. It should also be an accurate reflection of everything your company stands for. Plus, it needs to be mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and easy to navigate. Think of your website as a 24/7 marketing assistant that’s always on, ready to share your value, and help generate leads. If it isn’t doing all of these things, you’ve come to the right cave.

Website Redesign For Small Business Before and After

We’re Black Bear Design

We’re Black Bear Design, an Atlanta-based web design company that’s helped businesses of all sizes around the United States turn visitors into customers. With more than 100 clients in a diverse range of industries, Black Bear Design’s website redesign in Atlanta offers an extensive experience. Chances are we’ve worked with someone in your industry over the last decade and have insight into your audience and how to communicate with them.

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A Fresh Look With A Website Redesign

A redesigned website can offer a fresh look for your business, but an outdated one can be an immediate turnoff to potential customers. By updating your site, you not only gain a revitalized internet presence but also build trust with potential clients. Our website redesign process will bring your site up to speed and make the transition from old to new as seamless as possible.

There are hundreds of reasons to redesign your website, and all of them are good. When considering working with a company that specializes in website redesign in Atlanta, ask yourself: What isn’t your website doing for you now that you need it to do? Is your site confusing or difficult to navigate? Is the look and feel stale? Do you want to build awareness of your new services or products? Do you expect your site to deliver more visitors online or to your storefront?

When Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

Whether it’s because of new SEO needs or new brand standards, redesigning your website may feel like it needs to happen sooner rather than later, but how do you know when it’s time for a redesign? The answer is now if:

  • The site feels out-of-date or isn’t mobile responsive
  • Your bounce rate is high, or you have no visitors at all
  • Your site is slow-loading, taking more than three seconds to come to life
  • You’re unsatisfied with your website when compared to your competition’s site
  • You’ve revamped your brand image, but the old site doesn’t reflect that update
  • It’s not simple to update content to keep up with your business needs

Since redesigning our website and SEO campaign, we immediately noticed more traffic from many regions of the country from which we had not previously had much customer engagement. We also became more mobile responsive which greatly improved our Google SEO score. It’s opened up a lot of traffic and a larger customer base because about 55%–60% of our users are on mobile devices now, so it’s critical to have that function.

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A Website Redesign Can Help You Stand Out in the Forest!

Our award-winning team of designers, strategists, marketers, and more will collaborate to transform your digital presence into something that your business will be proud to share with the world. We’ll build you a beautiful website that is search engine friendly, mobile responsive, and conversion-driven. Black Bear Design will create website redesigns that deliver on data migration, launches with no downtime, and keeping your hard-earned SEO.

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User Experience Design

Not surprisingly, visual design is often the first you think about when it comes to website redesigns. And for good reason: the visual experience of a website is important. But your new website should not only look great but function better as well. We make sales funnels, navigation, and functionality priorities any time we redesign a site by tracking clicks, analyzing page load speeds, monitoring scroll behavior, and more.

Responsive Website Redesign

According to Google research, 79% of users who can’t easily find what they need on a mobile site will leave to find the information they need on another site. Black Bear Design will redesign a beautiful new website for you that is responsive on all devices from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone.

Search Engine Optimization

Some specific things need to be done before beginning a website redesign to ensure your rankings and SEO performance don’t take a negative hit. We’ll strategize based on your site analytics, bounce rate, exit pages, and page rankings. Then, as we develop your website redesign plan, our SEO experts will work to ensure your ranking positions aren’t negatively affected. We don’t stuff in keywords; we put together an SEO website redesign plan including well-crafted content that speaks to your audience.

Easy to Update Content

Content is one of the most important components of your website. It should feel informed, current, and establish you as an industry leader. To make your redesigned website practical, content needs to be easy to keep up to date when staffing changes or you add new services. At Black Bear Design, we build on the WordPress content management system. Now powering nearly 30% of all websites, WordPress is a robust publishing tool and the most popular content management system. Don’t worry; we’ll teach you how to use it to keep your site updated.

Social Sharing

According to HubSpot, social media marketing has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Your fans already like your brand and are interested in knowing more about what you do. Black Bear Design’s website redesign services ensure that your site is more social media friendly so that you can easily share news and content updates, grow your community of supporters, and generate qualified leads.

Some of our most common website features include:

Search Engine Optimization
Photo Gallery

Search Engine Friendly Websites
Fast Load Time On Desktop and Mobile
Automatic Image Compression and Sizing
Easy to Add Pages
Built-in Blog

Photo Gallery
Contact Form
Daily Backups, Hourly Backups for E-commerce
Dedicated Project Manager
Dedicated Team of Experts

Top Website Redesign In Atlanta

We have a proven website redesign process that allows us to learn your business as well as your vision and goals. From there, we can redesign your site to transform it into a tool that will help you on your path to success. With our website redesign service, you can:

  • Drive more qualified traffic for better conversion rates
  • Improve the user experience
  • Strengthen your brand’s online presence
  • Give your business a unique brand identity
  • Make a lasting impression on your audience
  • Incorporate the best features into your new website

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