How To Measure Your Digital Marketing Results

By on 05/15/2014

How do you close the loop on your digital marketing strategy? When your campaign comes to an end, you want to measure different metrics to determine whether you achieved your goals and the results attained from the strategies you used.

Measure Your Digital Marketing Results

Whether your goal was to increase brand awareness, leads or generate more sales, you need to audit your campaign. In your audit, identify any challenges you encountered and how you handled them. For campaign activities that did lead to anticipated results, find out why. Auditing your digital marketing campaign is important to determine lessons learned for the benefit of your on-going or future campaigns.

Measure Results Google Analytics

Who knows more about your users than Google?   Google Analytics is free, easy to install and very comprehensive.  What you have to remember with Google Analytics is that it provides more information that you will ever want to dig through unless you are a professional digital marketeer.  Pick out the key indicators that you want to track and add them to your custom dashboard.  Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed with all of the available information and end of with the wrong results for your campaign.

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Measure Results With HubSpot

HubSpot is by far my favorite analytics platform.  Every month, you will have a power point presentation delivered to you with easy to read information and comparison data.  The analytics provided by HubSpot is very clear and very targeted to a small businesses key indicators you would find on a marketing dashboard.

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Inbound marketing is a sure way of generating traffic and leads on your website. It should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.  Make sure you have the analytic tools in place to measure your marketing effectiveness.



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