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What Makes User Friendly Websites?

Posted on 21/07/14 by Joel Black

The foundation of every online marketing campaign is the website. Setting up a website is imperative in order to set in motion every other marketing strategy, whether it’s an SEO strategy, a social media strategy, a content marketing strategy or more. However, companies that don’t have user friendly websites are going to fail right out […]

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Update That Old Website With A Sportscoat

Posted on 15/07/14 by Joel Black

Not ready to redesign your outdated website?  There may be small improvements you can make to your website to buy you some time, including fonts, pictures and backgrounds. Video Transcript: Today, I want to talk about taking something plain and boring, and making it a little better than plain and boring!  What I have done […]

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The Web Design And Development Process

Posted on 10/07/14 by Joel Black

This video explains everything between the idea and the functional website. This video explains the process of working with a web design company from concept to completion.

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What Are Responsive Websites?

Posted on 07/07/14 by Joel Black

What Are Responsive Websites? A responsive website is one that responds to the needs of the end user, particularly as it relates to the digital platform the user is accessing a website through.

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How Much Should A Website Cost?

Posted on 01/07/14 by Joel Black

If you are planning for a new website or a website redesign, and you are getting quotes from companies, you may be wondering how much should a website cost due to a largely varying cost.  There really is no average cost of a website, although there is logic to why you are receiving a wide […]

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A Web Design Company’s Perspective on Web Design

Posted on 05/06/13 by Joel Black

One of the most difficult things to do in web design is the estimate. When you’re talking high-level strategy and features, the broad range of intricacies within the strategies and features can take much longer than estimated. If you try to price in an X-factor to cover those, you’ll price yourself right out of the […]

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What Else Is On TV?

Posted on 25/05/13 by Joel Black

Just the other day I was in a meeting with my CEO peer group and we had a guest speaker in named Joe Calhoon.  Joe was a very motivational speaker with an inspirational story.  He had so many great ideas and words of wisdom, I couldn’t even begin to go into them here.  But I […]

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Black Bear Design Develops New Website For Black Diamond Motorsports

Posted on 29/04/13 by Joel Black

Black Bear Design, a website design company located in Atlanta GA, launches sporty new website for premier sports car club. Black Diamond Motorsports, located in Atlanta GA, is launching a wave of new in Atlanta this month.  It started with a new Lamborghini Gallardo, which is not a bad way to start out! Black Diamond Motor […]

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Black Bear Design Develops New Website for Brighton Builders

Posted on 19/03/13 by Joel Black

Brighton Builders of Hilton Head launched a new website in February that provides a comprehensive review of its custom home and renovation business. The site covers all the content that real estate developer websites need to have to attract and retain customers. Its graphics are top notch and the copy targets their target market precisely.  […]

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Time To Stretch – Improvement For The New Season

Posted on 19/02/13 by Tony

When it comes to this time of year, there’s usually one thing on my mind – Baseball. We’ve spent the past several months holed up in a cave with no sports to speak of and now Spring Training is finally here. I did get out occasionally to go snowboarding, but for the most part it’s been […]

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The CrUX of the Experience

Posted on 02/02/13 by Joel Black

The new year has begun, your team has recovered from the holidays, and its time to re-consider those goals you set for 2013 before the holiday. One of the primary considerations that is almost always left out is the user experience. User experiences encompass more than just your website design, but include print materials, brand […]

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It’s February, do you know where your website is?

Posted on 28/01/13 by Joel Black

For many companies (and people) the new year brings promise and another opportunity for growth and improvement.  There is a common sense of hope and optimism with an attitude that looks to the future and what can be achieved.  Goals are set, commitments are made and the road to success is now paved with good […]

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The types they are a-changin’

Posted on 28/01/13 by Tony

For many years, we were stuck. Stuck with the same default fonts that were deemed “safe” to use when building a website. A small stable of reliable standbys gave us what we needed to survive: Arial, Times, Georgia and Verdana (designed specifically for your computer screen by famed type designer Matthew Carter), Tahoma, and Courier, […]

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Aesthetic Dermatology Specialty Centre Gets A Facelift

Posted on 23/01/13 by Joel Black

The Aesthetic and Dermatology Specialty Centre has given countless facelifts and now they’ve received one themself. With the New Year comes positive new change and in the spirit of new, ADSC steps into 2013 with the launch of a spectacular new updated website. The Aesthetic and Dermatology Specialty Centre is a medical and surgical practice […]

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Form or Function: What Do I Need to Know About Website Forms

Posted on 15/11/12 by Joel Black

In a similar vein as my last post, “Should I put as much information on my website as possible?”, we often create forms on our websites without ever thinking through who our customer is and what we need to know about them.  With webpages not being limited to an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, […]

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5 questions to ask your web design company

Posted on 12/11/12 by Joel Black

Question # 1 What is your process for the project and what players are involved?  Many web designers are a one man show, or freelancer. These guys are the hardest working group of web designers out there. They are doing sales, project management, strategy, design, coding, page layout, testing for bugs, managing other clients, paying […]

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Is mobile web here to stay?

Posted on 08/11/12 by Joel Black

The mobile web is here to stay.  And it’s not just for the large companies with huge marketing budgets. Mobile internet usage is projected to surpass desktop usage by 2014. Already some stats say that as much as 1 in 5 go as far as to be “Mobile-Only” users. Are these your customers. Any company […]

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Black Bear Design Wins Silver for Best Builder Developer Website

Posted on 05/11/12 by Joel Black

We dont like to toot our own horn a lot, but we are so excited to win the Silver award for the best builder developer website.  The website was part of the many awards won by Waters Edge Group.  Waters Edge Group took several awards including the Gold for community of the year, Gold for […]

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Should I put as much information on my website as possible?

Posted on 27/10/12 by Joel Black

Don’t Data Dump on Me In 2002 the term “Google it” was recognized as the “most useful word of the year” and in 2006 had become so popular that it was added to the dictionary as a verb.  The internet had exploded with information and the search engine had gained popularity at such a level […]

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Monday’s GoDaddy.com Service Outage

Posted on 11/09/12 by Joel Black

Many of you were effected yesterday either through your email service going down, or your website being inaccessible due to hosting or domain name registration being serviced through GoDaddy.com

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Funny Error Pages for Websites

Posted on 05/09/12 by Joel Black

If your website is going down for scheduled maintenance, you might as well have some fun with it!  I though this one from iStock was very creative.   I needed a few images for my designer first thing in the morning, but I have early morning meetings.  So I logged in before bed to purchase […]

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