5 questions to ask your web design company

By on 11/12/2012

Question # 1

What is your process for the project and what players are involved?  Many web designers are a one man show, or freelancer. These guys are the hardest working group of web designers out there. They are doing sales, project management, strategy, design, coding, page layout, testing for bugs, managing other clients, paying the bills and a multitude of other jobs. 

We take a differ approach. We have a team of experts that specialize in their field,  and you’ll work with all of them, led by a project manager.

Question # 2

How will we communicate?  One of our companies goals is to be available by phone. During the process though, a lot of documents will pass through email.  Email will be the common form of communication during the project, although in person meetings or phone calls are a part of how we do things around here.

Question # 3

I don’t know the lingo, how do I make sure we’re on the same page with things?  In our kickoff meeting, we run through an educational series that will teach you some of the most common misunderstandings. We find this is an important part of the process and clears things up that may cause obstacles down the road.

Question # 4

Way happens after my site is complete?  Most web designers believe this is the finish line. The completion of this marketing tool is the beginning, as now you have to look at and execute your marketing and SEO strategy.  Make sure the web design company you work with has a roadmap for post launch services.

Question # 5

What is the cost and will it be any additional than what you quote me? Many web designers estimate how long it will take them to design and build a website as the client has outlined.   We have found many pitfalls in approaching estimating in this way. Virtually no planning and thought goes into usability and architecture, and midway through the project better ideas are flushed out. Web designers will then try and squeeze those into the original scope, and quickly finish the project sacrificing other areas.  When’s its time for a round of updates, they get frustrated because they have already “done more” than they agreed to and disappear. 

Our Way

If your ready to start a website project, speak with us. Their is a better way to approach this.  In our first team kickoff meeting, we will really get to know you and define a direction for your company.

“What will I the client need to provide for you?”  It’s important to start out with a business overview, goals, mission and vision.  We will take all this information and develop a strategy for the website and branding of your company.

We give small business a bigger opportunity for growth through marketing strategies, creative design and a stronger online presence.

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