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By on 09/5/2012

If your website is going down for scheduled maintenance, you might as well have some fun with it!  I though this one from iStock was very creative.  

I needed a few images for my designer first thing in the morning, but I have early morning meetings.  So I logged in before bed to purchase images so I could send them over to her lickity split. 

Instead of getting images, I found this little treasure:

Creative and Funny 404 error pages

Creative and Funny 404 error pages

So instead of getting upset because I couldn’t purchase images ( it will put us behind in the morning), I had a laugh and posted this blog.  I like Jay, he looks like he is working hard and I feel bad that he is working so late.  

Jay also offered me a free promo code for iStock, so Im really happy about that!

Custom error pages are important for user experience.  We think about it as we dont want downtime to happen, that means our site it broken.  But iStock is showing a little creativity and humor in downtime.  Great job iStock and keep up the good work Jay!

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