A Web Design Company’s Perspective on Web Design

By on 06/5/2013

One of the most difficult things to do in web design is the estimate. When you’re talking high-level strategy and features, the broad range of intricacies within the strategies and features can take much longer than estimated. If you try to price in an X-factor to cover those, you’ll price yourself right out of the deal. 

So how do you develop the perfect web design estimate, make the margin you need to make, pay the people that work on it, and price yourself in the market so you can acquire new customers? The question is simple, but the answer is much more complex.  It’s taken us seven years to finally develop a process that we think works.  It’s a little difficult to explain to the client, but if they get it, it’ll turn up being a win-win for everyone. 

Part of the answer is starting with an estimate range.  Estimate what you think it would take on the low end, and factor in every possibility that you can think of and estimate a high-end.  Of course as the web design company we see the middle range to the high-end as being a good estimate solution, and to the client the lowest number is final. I do the same thing if I’m on the buying side, I don’t see any of the other numbers except the low number. That’s just the way we function as customers.

If you can educate the client on this concept, and acquire them as a new customer with a little bit of trust, you can then involve the whole team to work out all the intricacies of the process, design and the functions of the website.  Then you’re able to develop a much more in-depth exact estimate.

An approach such as this requires a lot more cost upfront for the web design company, but seems to always turn out with a remarkable end result. If you’re able to spend this extra time upfront with the team that’s working on the website and involve the client as much as possible, it will most likely turn into a long-term relationship built on trust.

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  1. Brad Rohbock says:

    Interesting article, I know that finding the right price for any project where there is a time investment can be challenging. How do you try and establish trust as soon as you speak with a client?

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