The CrUX of the Experience

By on 02/2/2013

The new year has begun, your team has recovered from the holidays, and its time to re-consider those goals you set for 2013 before the holiday. One of the primary considerations that is almost always left out is the user experience. User experiences encompass more than just your website design, but include print materials, brand recognition, and social engagement. Unfortunately, as pointed out in a recent Fast Company article, “businesses are underestimating the significance of customer experiences.” They go on to point out that most businesses are happy to have an “attendance strategy” rather than creating actual user experiences that engage their brand and create better customers. Attendance strategy is simply defined as choosing to participate in every channel, such as having a website, Pinterest page, Facebook page, and a Twitter account and simply reposting content everywhere. You are a part of the channel, but you don’t consider how the customer experiences your brand or product in those channels.

With the new year, its time to take a fresh look at what experience you want your customer to have when they think about your brand. Consider the following questions in regards to your experience.

  1. What media channel does your primary customer primarily use? If its digital in nature, how are they accessing it? Does that channel make the necessary information easily accessible? These questions help you keep the primary thing the primary thing.
  2. When your customer comes in contact with your brand or product in any of the channels you are utilizing, how do you want them to feel? What do you hope they think about you? Does that match the feedback you receive regarding your brand/product? While we can’t know everything about everyone who will look at our brand/product, we all should have a picture of how we hope we are perceived. 
  3. What is one step we can make this year to improve our user’s experience? Often we get bogged down with creating 100 things we need to change and that stops us from changing anything. Choose to freshen up one thing to create a better experience for your customer.

Maybe one of those great ideas you had over the holiday would address one of these questions, but you just aren’t sure how to implement it. Maybe thinking about your customer’s user experience just brings to mind even more questions. That’s what Black Bear is here for. We want to partner with small companies to think through user experiences and design to create the best experience for your customer.

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