Digital Design Trends to Work into Your Strategy in 2017

By on 02/20/2017

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Trends in digital design come and go and some remain timeless. As we review the past year of styles that emerged in the industry we focus on what’s to come and what we should change. 2017 is looking stronger than ever for design trends we believe will be around for more than just the year. Let’s take a look at some of the things that inspired us in 2016, some of the things that disappointed us, and the direction we seem to be heading.

Trends of 2016 That Are Here to Stay

  • Creating a great user experience should be on the top of any web designers list. Without a navigable website, you can say goodbye to your conversion rate. Simplicity, whether in logos and branding or complete website interfaces, will continue to reign supreme as we get overloaded with new information daily. Streamlining your design approach should only continue to get crisper.
  • Creating a handmade, monotone, mono-linear logo seems like a trend that will be around for at least the next year or two. You find these on boutique coffee shops, bookstores, cafes, and pretty much any hip establishment opening in a historic area. The style alone says so much.
  • Automation. Arguably the biggest trend here to stay, artificial intelligence and automation are continuing to explode. From programs that schedule meetings for you, to Adobe’s brand new automation platform called Sensei that will predict your next move, automation is the future and if you’re not introducing yourself to it, YOU NEED TO.
  • Responsive web design. This slides into a close second with simplicity. If your website is not accessible across the various, unwavering new outpourings of devices today, you can kiss your users goodbye. Consider the fact that 81% of shoppers will consult their smartphone for product reviews and information before making their final purchase. It’s imperative to have a responsive site for them to access.

Trends That We Anticipate in 2017:

  • Big & Bold. Typography, fonts, colors and headers. These are all going bigger this year. While the design may remain sleek, the goal is to catch your reader’s eye and focus their attention on what they need to do. Call-to-actions should be bright, your brand should be recognized immediately, and your user’s eye should be drawn to
  • Make your webpage pop, and add a layer of what you can do to the homepage of your site by adding a cinemograph behind your text. Cinemographs are moving gifs that allow your user to see a moving portfolio of your work.
  • Riding off the back of the 2016 handmade trend we don’t see stopping, illustrations in your design should be a frontrunner on your design strategy. Illustration adds a quality of personality, breaks away from the monotonous web template, and gives your website a look of authenticity. Check out this website from Ice & Sky, an educational resource for teachers, is the perfect example of how cinemographs and illustration can change your entire brand’s look for the better.
  • We’re not sure this will ever go away. And we’re happy about it. Apple is notorious for their minimalistic approach to marketing. They merely provide you with a word that demands curiosity and strength, and perhaps that’s why their conversions are so high. Displaying just the bare necessities for what you need your users to know and do, it keeps images sleek and actions simple.

Trends come and go and it’s up to web designers to stay on top of the game. It’s almost written into our job descriptions that designers know the trends before they hit the ground and keep an eye on those making their way out. Here at Black Bear Design, we make sure your website is optimal on every level, from usability to responsiveness, all the way to the type of font we use. We stay ahead of the game.

What do you think will be the next big trend of 2017? Leave your predictions in the comments below.

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  1. calls to action is really one of the important digital design trends it will easily attract the customers

  2. The digital design trends in 2017 are Make your webpage pop, and add a layer of what you can do to the homepage of your site by adding a cinemograph behind your text

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