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By on 09/9/2013

If anyone’s ever tried P90X, you probably heard the host say, “I love it, but I hate it.” That pretty much sums up the relationship of SEO. But to get down to the first steps of increasing your websites search engine optimization, knowledge and understanding is power.

Before you can understand SEO, you have to understand and accept the basics of how it works. It all boils down to content and do people like it! I recently optimized a webpage for the phrase, how do I optimize a web page for a keyword. I was on the first page of Google within days for the search phrase.  You can do it yourself if you’re equipped with the right tools to do it.

The Right Tools For SEO

I’ll take a second to mentioned that one of the main tools is an editable website. If you have a website built on WordPress, or you have a custom content management system that you can edit pages yourself, then you’re in luck. If you do not have a website that you can edit yourself, you can be involved in optimizing your site, but you’ll need a web developer do the code for you.

The First Step With SEO

Figure out what keyphrase your customer will be searching for, but you have to think like your customer.  Use a good long phrase, three or more words.  We call this a longtail key phrase. A good long phrase like “how do I optimize a webpage for search engines” will help you be more specific and easier to rank for. Where most people make mistakes is using a one or two word phrase that is very difficult to rank well for.

Now that you’ve determined your 4 to 5 word phrase, you want to write your page just for that key phrase. You want to use that phrase in the opening paragraph, you’ll want use that phrase in the body and you’ll want to use that phrase in your closing paragraph as well. Your going to want to write a nice, full, informational page greater than 500 words.  Also break it up into paragraphs, and have a heading for your paragraphs to separate it and make it easier to read.  Remember, you want the page to be specific to a keyphrase, and you’ll want it to read naturally.  Even though your optimizing for search, a search engine has never purchased a product that I am aware of,  people purchase products.

So that is going to be your first step to optimizing your website for search engines You want to optimize one key phrase at a time, one page at a time, and build multiple pages on your website.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below.  And you’ll find more information in our SEO Whitepaper, which you can download for free below.



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