So You Decided to Start Your Own Company…

By on 10/11/2012

Some of the best success stories about any small business start with…”Well we worked out of our garage when we started and now we’re…” 

Starting a business from the ground-up can be one of the most risky and stressful ventures in anyone’s life.  The highs are always higher, the lows are always lower, but the rewards are much greater than the risks and sacrifices made on the way.  If you are thinking about starting up your own business, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Turn Down Business

Get Ready for a Fight

  1. Business owners must be brave and confident in not only themselves but also the products and services they plan to provide as well. 
  2. A business owner must be knowledgeable of the industry they have chosen and well aware of the target market they are trying to reach.
  3. A business owner WILL work the hardest, pay the bills, make the deliveries, run the books, pay the taxes, create the budget and not be afraid to spend it! 

So what does a company need in order to graduate from the garage to a full-scale operation? Most importantly it needs a vision and a product. Once this is established then what?  Some might say SELL SELL SELL!  Shoot first, ask questions later.  No, something is still missing.  Any owner worth his salt understands one of the most crucial components to a great business is its image; a logotype that communicates a message to the client that represents that company’s vision and values. This is one of the simplest ways to establish that first step of branding.  Consumer recognition and familiarity will bring you peace of mind while you are trying to build your brand and name this crazy material world we live in! Don’t get stuck in the garage. Build your brand, define your image, help your company grow and write your own ending to the story.

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