How To Manage Social Media Like A Rock Star

By on 01/15/2014

You may follow many social media rock stars and think to yourself, “They do so well at social media because that’s their job!” Even though that might be the case, you too can be a social media rock star with the right tools and the right strategy!  The right strategy is a series of posts all in its own.   For the purposes of this blog post, we are going to look at these tools and a high level strategy.

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How Can You Manage Social Media For Your Small Business?

Small businesses generally do not have the luxury of a full time social media guru.  Social media is usually a job left for the business owner to handle in their “spare” time or better yet, an office administrator or assistant that tries and feels their way though it!

Under most circumstances, this is not considered to be the best practice.  I say “most” because there are business owners that have been very successful with social media; they have the gift of multi-tasking! They can be interesting, while running a business at the same time! There are also the office admins and assistants that have a great online personality and come up with engaging content to share.  Yes, and then, there are the rest of us!

For the rest of us, fortunately, we can outsource our social media to companies that do just that.  We manage social media for clients, but our purpose is not to talk about managing social media.   I am listing a few of the things we have learned that will help kick-start your social media efforts.

What Tool Can You Use To Post And Monitor Multiple Networks?

My tool of choice, which is also very affordable, is a tool called Hootsuite.  With Hootsuite, you can connect multiple social networks such as  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups.  When posting, you can select to which networks you would like to push your post.  This is very helpful for the small business people that have a limited amount of time to spend on social media.

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Another helpful tip with Hootsuite is setting up your tabs.  You can set up tabs, then within those tabs set up streams to monitor.  You can monitor streams such as your Twitter home feed, Twitter mentions, Facebook page wall post, Google+ home stream as well as LinkedIn updates and discussions.

The Secret Strategy To Being A Social Media Rockstar!

What is the secret strategy to being a social media rockstar? Is it having people like Brittany Spears following you and retweeting your tweets?  Is it having 100,000 Facebook fans?  Is it having a Klout score of 80?  Any of these things would not be bad at all, but the secret to getting there is a combination of three important things:

  • Create authentic and helpful content
  • Share and comment on others content
  • Every conversation does not have to be a precursor to a sale – let it just be a conversation

People are awesome!  Be a good Listener! Listen to what they say and take part in the conversation!   You will be stunned at how much you will learn and how a relationship will take form.  Once you start building those relationships, you build your circle of people that will help you share content.

It’s so easy!    I know you can do it!  So get started NOW!

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