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10 Tips For Twitter Success

Posted on 25/04/17 by Joel Black

I spend a good bit of my time trying different things, researching ‘how-tos’, learning from others and I throw a little bit of good ole’ trial and error in the mix as well.  One thing I’ve learned is a lot of things are kind of up in the air, and because something has worked for […]

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How To Set Up Facebook Retargeting Pixel (Remarketing)

Posted on 27/06/14 by Joel Black

Recently Facebook release retargeting features to allow users set up Facebook retargeting, or remarketing as some people call it. In the past, you could only set up Facebook retargeting through larger advertisers. As a result, there’s not a lot of information out for a small business to set up retargeting on Facebook themselves. In this post I’ll show you step by step […]

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How To Promote Your Content Online

Posted on 01/05/14 by Joel Black

There are many online content promotion strategies you can use and it’s easy to get in the web of using any and all forms of promotion methods.

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Make Every Tweet Count: Tips for Building a Twitter Following

Posted on 18/02/14 by Joel Black

If a tweet lands in the middle of cyberspace and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Twitter has become a vital part of Internet marketing plans, with followers disseminating news and updates at a speed unheard of in the pre-social media area. Building a strong base of followers, however, is the […]

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How To Manage Social Media Like A Rock Star

Posted on 15/01/14 by Joel Black

Every wondered how to manage social media like a rock start? Learn the secret sauce, or at least three ingredients to managing social media.

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Google +1 Adds Annotations Like Facebook

Posted on 24/08/11 by Joel Black

Google +1 is stepping it up with annotations next to the +1 button, somewhat like the Facebook like button.  As it stands now, the +1 button will show which of your friends +1’d the page when you hover over the +1 button. The new +1 button code will show the faces and names of friends […]

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How to Gain Facebook Fans

Posted on 04/08/11 by Joel Black

  1. Embed the Facebook widget on your website. It’s all about ease of use.  If it’s easy for someone to like you, they might just do it.  If you have a blog or website, and are willing to give it a try, embed the widget to your site and see if you gain friends. […]

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How to comment on your Facebook fan page as yourself

Posted on 19/04/11 by Joel Black

If your like me and run a Facebook fan page, you might want to comment or like post as yourself, using your personal account so your friends can see the comments.  There are a few steps to follow to set your account to personal while your on your fan page. Step 1: While logged in […]

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Google +1 Button Showing in Search Results

Posted on 01/04/11 by Joel Black

As I have posted about recently, Google is integrating social connections into their search results.  Well, the people over at Google took it a step further with their own system.  Shortly you will see a +1 button showing up with search result. The idea is to have a way to tag that search result as […]

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How to use LinkedIn Effectively

Posted on 18/01/11 by Joel Black

So you have most likely heard non-stop about how important Facebook and Twitter are, but lets not overlook one of the most important and free social networking tools for professionals. A few stats before we get started. Users: 80 Million 80% have bachelor or graduate degrees 20% of LinkedIn users are senior-level executives and managers […]

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Social Media in 2011, Trends & Tips

Posted on 23/12/10 by Joel Black

As 2010 comes to a close and 2011, a new year brings new opportunities, we tend to look ahead and imagine what we can do in the coming weeks and months.  I am excited about the new year and can’t wait to get back from the traditional end of year family & friends get togethers. […]

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How to Build a Successful Social Network

Posted on 30/11/10 by Joel Black

While quality, not quantity is the key to a successful social networking campaign, there are some key elements that will help you gain momentum. Emotion: Your going to have to stand out to be noticed.  Sparking emotion is one way to do that.  When you write or post anything, put your emotions in it and […]

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Marketing Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Posted on 18/11/10 by Joel Black

Marketing your website is ever so important today to be found in the sea of information out there.  There is no silver bullet, but there are some proven techniques that, if done over time consistently, will build momentum and make significant changes to your business. Well, when I say 5 easy steps, for some it […]

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Facebook Email Address

Posted on 15/11/10 by Joel Black

Facebook is announcing their next phase in the web….email.  Did I hear that right?  I can now have a Facebook.com email address?  At a media event in San Fransico Monday, Facebook introduced what was previously its internal messaging system to the public.  It combines SMS, chat, e-mail and Facebook messages.

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Social Networking for Small Business

Posted on 11/11/10 by Joel Black

It’s no secret that small businesses need to be on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but our expectations need to be realistic.  Just because we are on the networks doesnt mean we are going to be an overnight success!  But having the right tools and understanding how your customers want to hear […]

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How To Write Blog Post

Posted on 12/03/10 by Joel Black

We are a big supporter of sharing knowledge with those that are out there trying to learn, and we advocate to our clients that they should share knowledge as well.  Even though things may seem clear and obvious to you, there are people that have a completely different skill set and might love to learn […]

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Search Engine Optimization and Social Networking

Posted on 01/07/09 by Joel Black

Social networking, social bookmarking, blogging and web design has to be the most exciting field to be in today.  Every morning I look at my screen and wonder, what the heck do I do today?  Where do I start?  Do I jump on Twitter, or do I start on Facebook, make a tutorial for YouTube, […]

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