How to Build a Successful Social Network

By on 11/30/2010

While quality, not quantity is the key to a successful social networking campaign, there are some key elements that will help you gain momentum.


Your going to have to stand out to be noticed.  Sparking emotion is one way to do that.  When you write or post anything, put your emotions in it and try to spark emotion from your readers.

Be the Leader is One Area :

Write about something that you are knowledgable about.  And if you dont know anything, learn something and learn it well.  People are only going to invest the time with you if they like you or if you know what your talking about.

Be Unique:

This is a difficult one, for me anyway.  Everyone is writing about social networking and web development, so how in the world can I be unique?  I mean, I cant really write about things that are not true.  I try and write in real terms, for real people instead of writing for search engines.  My grammar is not always correct, and sometimes my sentences don’t make sense. Im not a writer, and will probably never be one.  But I do learn a lot in the business I am in and I try to share that with others.  Maybe that makes me a little unique?


If you are always wondering how to get people to interact with you, and your not interacting with others, you have defined your first step.  Interact with other people!  How are they supposed to connect with you if you haven’t taken the first step.  It’s like the girl or guy you always walk by and want to talk to, but you never say anything.  You have to take the first step.

Your Wording:

Since a lot of the people on your social network you will never meet in person, we miss the emotion, body language, eye contact and everything else that gives you the impression of that person.  All we have on the social networks are words and a picture.  So let your personality shine through your wording.

Help Develop New Relationships:

If you know of someone that is a web developer, and you know someone else that is looking for a website, introduce them.  Let them know their are no expectations, just a fit for opportunity.  Whether it works out or not, it shows your listening to people and trying to help.

Building a successful social network is hard, just like building a great group of friend in real life.  It is a time commitment that comes with a big payoff.  I have learnt sometime you have to forgo things you really want to do, to spend time working on these relationships.  But when you make that connection with someone new, its all worth it!


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