What Your Business Card Says About You

By on 03/20/2016

Your business card is your first and sometimes only opportunity to make a good impression.  Not having a business card at all is no longer an option. In a world of endless networking opportunities, we need to have a seamless way to exchange information.

More than anything, you want your business card to reflect who you are and what your business represents. Your business card should be a direct reflection of your personality and leave a good first impression with the people you give it to.

Many times, your business card can be what they use to remember you. Here at Black Bear Design, we help our clients make life-long business contacts with our expertly designed business cards using different designs, colors, and textures. Below are some design starting points that may help inspire you.

Business Card Example

Clean and Simple

Less can be more when designing a business card. Clean lines, neutral color schemes and straight to the point informational text is what works for some companies. This style may be good for businesses wanting to exemplify relaxation, professionalism, and simplicity. These companies are looking for a simple, yet effective way to make contacts and build relationships.


Vibrant and Intriguing

For those companies who strive to stand out and who want to exude creativity and boldness, such as media companies, art/photography companies, design agencies etc., usually turn to designs that are vibrant in color, use flashy font and images. These methods usually go hand in hand resulting in a truly vibrant card.


Unique Shapes and Curves

Companies are often choosing to do away with the conventional rectangular card all-together. More and more, companies are choosing to have their business cards cut out into unique shapes. This level of customization allows a company’s card to truly speak to who they are and what they represent.



We are in 2016 and it’s no surprise that business cards made out of cardstock were going to be considered too boring for some. The choices are endless when it comes to the materials you could use for business cards. If you are a company eager to be set apart and seen as innovative and forward-thinking, using materials such as plastic, wood, or even steel can help you achieve those goal.


Font Changes

Becoming largely popular is the experimentation with fonts. Using different fonts and an array of font sizes and maybe even colors allow for the typography to be used for both decoration and information. These cards are usually full of information delivered to you in a way to grab your attention- you can’t help but read it.


With all of this inspiration, it’s time to think about what look and “feel” (literally) you want to go for with the design of your next business card. Keep in mind some key necessities of a “good” business card:

Legibility – You want contact information to be clear and easy to read.

Size – A business card should be able to fit in a wallet.

Interest provoking – From simple to extravagant. Your business card should provoke enough interest to read it.


Creativity is limitless – if you can think of it, we can produce it. Check out our portfolio featuring more of our graphic, logo and website designs.

Contact us to get started on your designs today!

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