The Importance of Professional Business Logo Design

By on 03/29/2013

In our business we talk with both sides of the spectrum, quick logo design and profesional business logo design.  Each serve their own purpose, but who has it right?  Can you whip through a logo design and expect to have a final product that will represent your company for years to come?  The answer is simply yes!

Some do believe its not that important and just want a quick logo to put on a shirt or coffee mug.  Our company on the other hand believe it goes much deeper than a logo.  We believe a logo is a graphic representation of the company, or even more than that, a representation of each individual person that makes up the culture of the company.

If you were to think about colors alone, what color would you be?  Red and fiery, brown and earthy or blue and calming. I found this illustration on A Guide To Creating Dashboards that represents colors.

Meanings of Colors

Meanings of Colors

If you’re thinking about business logo design, talk to a few companies and get estimates.  We all have budgets and what you have to spend weighs heavily in your purchasing decision. But just for fun, talk with the logo companies about their philosophy on logo design and ask about their process.  It’s important to us, so we are going to spend time learning about your business first.  Then when we know who you are and why you do what you do, we will be able to craft a logo that represents your personality and culture in the business.

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