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A “Brand New” Year in Graphic Design

Posted on 15/01/14 by Joel Black

2014 is upon us, and with comes a brand new chance to present your company’s message, services, or products to an eager and refreshed consumer audience. Whether your company branding has been strong in the past twelve months or if you are looking to step things up a notch when it comes to your marketing […]

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Does Your Logo Shake Hands With Consumers?

Posted on 19/12/13 by Joel Black

What does your logo say about your company? Does your logo make the consumer want to buy and trust buying from you?

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What Else Is On TV?

Posted on 25/05/13 by Joel Black

Just the other day I was in a meeting with my CEO peer group and we had a guest speaker in named Joe Calhoon.  Joe was a very motivational speaker with an inspirational story.  He had so many great ideas and words of wisdom, I couldn’t even begin to go into them here.  But I […]

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The Importance of Professional Business Logo Design

Posted on 29/03/13 by Joel Black

In our business we talk with both sides of the spectrum, quick logo design and profesional business logo design.  Each serve their own purpose, but who has it right?  Can you whip through a logo design and expect to have a final product that will represent your company for years to come?  The answer is simply […]

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Black Bear Design Launches Branding Services in Atlanta and Rebrands Themselves

Posted on 31/01/13 by Joel Black

Atlanta’s top graphic design company is changing its look for the new year, as well as introducing new business concepts in order to reach out to a bigger market. In addition to launching a new brand with a new logo and a new look for the company’s website; Black Bear Design is constantly looking to improve every […]

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Can You Make Logos Fast, Good And Cheap

Posted on 07/12/12 by Joel Black

Ever heard something like this?   “Project managers and design team, design this logo for me, and we need it yesterday.  We need it to be the best possible logo EVER but below average in price.”  In many cases a business may put off marketing to focus on the day-to-day activities that keep a company […]

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What does your brand need to advance?

Posted on 02/11/12 by Joel Black

What does your brand need to advance? What makes one brand better than the other? We think the answer is the perfect mixture of the following identity ideals that any and all businesses should strive for. Vision Meaning Authenticity Differentiation Durability Coherence Flexibility Commitment Value Instead of just explaining what each ideal stands for, let’s […]

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Black Bear Design June Marketing Newsletter

Posted on 11/06/12 by Joel Black

Graphic Design and Marketing Newsletter from Black Bear Design. Set up Google analytics reports & welcome to newest designer Mary Frances

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