A “Brand New” Year in Graphic Design

By on 01/15/2014

2014 is upon us, and with comes a brand new chance to present your company’s message, services, or products to an eager and refreshed consumer audience. Whether your company branding has been strong in the past twelve months or if you are looking to step things up a notch when it comes to your marketing efforts, the time is ripe to set things off to a solid start in the new year.


Most markets today are saturated with branding messages that run the gamut from highly polished and alluring to sloppily done and confusing to understand. To truly set your business apart this year, you will need to ensure that your branding reflects a clear message and a polished offering of a product or service that best reflects your core business principle and purpose. Giving potential customers something tangible to remember and hold on to in the coming months will go a long way toward positioning your company to be their go-to when they have need for whatever it is you are selling. 

How Is Your Collateral?

Does your logo need refreshing? If it has been years since you last even considered your logo, or it you have never had a professional one designed, then chances are it is high time to consider what your company stamp, so to speak, is saying about you. How about your business cards? Does their branding match the color scheme and logo you are currently using? Is the contact information up to date and easy to read at a glance? What about other printed branding materials such as flyers, newspaper ads, or even phone book listings? Are they dated and no longer relevant or do they reflect a message you currently use?  

Finally, consider your website and other web-based marketing and branding tools, such as Facebook and Twitter. Do they offer a consistent look at your overall brand message? If not, then there is no time like the present to rebrand and start from a platform that is bold, fresh, and strong in 2014.

2014 Is A “Brand New” Year

Regardless of your industry or how long you have been a business, making 2014 your best branding year yet will serve you well in the long run – generating leads, increased sales, and overall growth in consumer recognition for your company. Aesthetically pleasing branding materials are not only memorable, but they also speak volumes about your company and the care you take when it comes to interacting with your target audience. 

Have you made any updates to your brand this year?  Do you plan to?  Give us your thoughts.

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