If Your Agency Isn’t Using Sharpspring, Your Clients Are Missing Out On Leads, Conversions, and Profits.

By on 01/18/2017

A marketing agency without marketing automation. Sounds funny right? To call yourself an agency, it is essential that you take advantage of modern marketing tools, or you will simply be left in the dust.


What is marketing automation?  

Marketing automation is a blanket term for tools that automate and ultimately make marketing easier. Automation can include everything from email marketing to lead generation, and can transform the efficiency of even the smallest team into that of a large marketing machine.

While there are many many marketing automation tools out there, Sharpspring is one of Black Bear’s favorite softwares for communicating with our audiences and generating sales. Here are five applications of Sharpspring that every agency needs to be using, as explained by BBD’s founder and managing partner Joel Black.


The Basics of Sharpspring

Let’s take it back to the basics. In this intro video, we explain how to use the Contact Manager to log, detail, and categorize contacts in order to create organized leads for future communication.




Creating a Form

In order to collect contacts, it is important to create forms to embed on your website. Forms can be used to collect data for anything from newsletter signups to case study/whitepaper downloads. The perk of using Sharpspring forms is that contacts can be collected directly into the system for future use, rather than having to be converted from Google, Mailchimp, or any other form software.




Setting Up Automated Workflows

Once your forms are set up, it is important to establish workflows that follow up with leads to encourage action and follow through. Workflows are a great way to save time by replacing manual follow-ups with, personally catered based on a number of contact factors.




A/B Testing

Sharpspring has extremely powerful email tools, which deserve a blog post of it’s own (stay tuned). That being said, A/B testing is a great way to stack up emails to measure their ability to generated reads, clicks, and conversions.




Visitor ID

Arguably one of Sharpspring’s most powerful tools, Visitor ID allows you to track website visits back to company IP addresses, giving you useful information like company name, size, and revenue. It also provides you with contact information of employees that allows you to create new leads to add to your workflows.




These are only a few examples of the many marketing results you can achieve with automation. If you think you’re ready to find out how you can take your business to the next level, contact Black Bear to see how we can cater Sharpspring and a series of other automation software to your company! Our teamed is trained and ready to create enticing emails, engaging forms, and powerful lead generation platforms to skyrocket sales and productivity.

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