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How Organic Social Media Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

Posted on 30/05/17 by Black Bear Design

Hello again! It’s me Lauren, the Social Media Strategist here at Black Bear. Thanks for joining me for part 2 of how paid and organic reach can affect your business’ social media presence. In my last blog, we discussed how to create a winning Facebook ad, which falls into the realm of paid reach. Paid […]

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The Rise of Augmented Reality and Marketing

Posted on 08/03/17 by Black Bear Design

If you’ve been on YouTube in the last few months (and, statistically speaking, you have), you might have noticed one of the running ads that play at the start of every video. It’s for the New York Times’ new virtual reality app, aptly named NYTVR. That’s right, one of the oldest print materials is blowing […]

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Connected: The History of Social Media

Posted on 02/02/17 by Black Bear Design

To appreciate the history of social media, it’s beneficial to have insight into the history of the internet first. The internet was by no means the first great invention of man, however, it has become one of the most revolutionary lenses of communication, data sharing, and commerce that exists today. Virtually one-third of the world’s […]

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If Your Agency Isn’t Using Sharpspring, Your Clients Are Missing Out On Leads, Conversions, and Profits.

Posted on 18/01/17 by Black Bear Design

A marketing agency without marketing automation. Sounds funny right? To call yourself an agency, it is essential that you take advantage of modern marketing tools, or you will simply be left in the dust.   What is marketing automation?   Marketing automation is a blanket term for tools that automate and ultimately make marketing easier. […]

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Blogs should be informational! Create value for consumers and they will return the favor.

Posted on 24/10/16 by Black Bear Design

As business owners, we too often make the mistake of assuming that everyone is as invested in our products and services as we are. We allow ourselves to translate this thinking into the way we communicate with our audiences online. In Person vs Online If someone walks into your storefront, chances are they ARE invested […]

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Meet Jena: Part Superhero, Part PM, All About the Client

Posted on 09/08/16 by Black Bear Design

Walking into work each morning guarantees some sort of surprise when Jena’s in the office. And this girl is always in the office. You’ll find her watering your desk plants, singing show tunes, crunching down Chick-Fil-A crushed ice or soothing customers with her syrupy southern drawl. She’ll greet you with the warmest of welcomes before she […]

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5 Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Posted on 27/04/16 by Black Bear Design

Being productive at work should be our goal every day. We go in the office thinking “Today, I am going to get everything on my to-do list done, I will not be distracted!” But by the time lunch time rolls around, you’re lucky if one task was knocked off the list. How frustrating! Good intentions […]

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Why You Should Be Using Conversion Tracking Along with PPC?

Posted on 23/02/16 by Black Bear Design

It was a huge surprise to me when I realized how many advertisers who were using AdWords were not implementing conversion tracking. I then realized that many advertisers may not see the importance of conversions and tracking them through AdWords. If you think you don’t need to track conversions, you may want to ask yourself […]

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