Why Refreshing Your Brand and Logo is a Good Thing

By on 11/1/2019

refreshing your brand

You know that great feeling you get after a new hairstyle? Or when trying a new brand of clothing for the first time? It’s sort of like refreshing your brand. 

You are still you – everything about you from your personality to your talents is still there. The only difference is now your refreshed look has given you a bit more confidence. Even better, it may cause some people to do a double-take when you walk by.

The same is true with the identity of a business. When you refresh your brand and logo, you open yourself up to new possibilities.

What Branding (and Rebranding) Mean for Your Business

Your brand is like a clothing style or haircut for a business – if it wore clothes or had hair. 

Digital marketing in Atlanta, or anywhere else, should always keep branding in mind. In short, it is the sum-total of those identifying characteristics that make your company stand out. 

Branding consistency has been shown to boost revenue by about 23%, so it is important to have a good brand and stick with it.

There are a few situations where you may want to switch things up and adopt a new brand image. These could include:

  • Shaking a Bad Image: When a company has garnered a bad image or they are looking to distance themselves from their past, rebranding helps. It is as if you change your wardrobe to something a little more formal because you do not want to be known as the “sweatpants and tank top” person anymore.
  • Promoting New Offerings: New additions to your product catalog or the opening of new locations could mean the perfect time for a new brand identity. Fresh business developments match perfectly with a fresh image.
  • A Complete Overhaul: Sometimes a company will change everything from their management to their approach toward customer service. When this happens, a new brand image can help make the change feel official and keep you focused on it.

Just like how your awesome personality remains behind your new sense of style, your professional focus on serving customers will remain – and be enhanced by a fresh brand.

Growing into Your New Brand Identity

You may consider contacting a digital marketing agency in Atlanta to cultivate a new brand image. Like, say, Black Bear Design. Once you have one, you can look forward to bringing in new customers and maybe even bringing back some of those that have lapsed. 

Remember, when they do the double-take to see what has changed, make sure they know your commitment to your customers is still the same.

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