When Should I Redesign My Website?

By on 08/14/2013

As business owners competing in a busy marketplace, we always have to look at our website, look at our competitors and at our space in general to answer this question. Sometimes as we think about this question, days turn into weeks, which turn into months and we still haven’t found an answer. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself to help direct you into finding the answer.

Wire Mesh Website Before And After - Website For Small Business

Wire Mesh Website Before And After – Website For Small Business

Do you like the design, and what do you or don’t you like about it?  This one may be easy to answer if it looks like it was designed in the 1990’s. These websites have small 11 pixel fonts that are hard to read and pictures that look like they come out of the old west. If you’re not sure if it looks good or bad, it probably looks bad. 

Next, is your content up-to-date and does it portray your product or service in a modern tone?  Many times a website gets put on the back burner while businesses grow.  Sometimes you may drop services or even add services and forget to put them on the website. If this is the case, you might need a an overhaul of the site to make sure all your products and services are organized in a user-friendly manner.

Third, is your website ready for the mobile revolution? Some websites don’t even look good on modern browsers, much less are even viewable from a mobile device. Google has recently stated that it’s ranking algorithm takes into account mobile responsive coding. A very large percentage of users use mobile devices today, so if your website isn’t fully functional and fully viewable on a mobile device, it’s time to update your website.

And last but not least, if it’s been over five years, your website is falling behind. Modern browsers allow web developers to do some really cool stuff with websites now that was not possible even two years ago.  If you break it down to cost, amortize a website over five years and I guarantee it will be your least costly advertising medium. And on top of that, it probably generates the best results as well. If it’s not generating results, then it’s definitely time to upgrade your website.  Websites are a tool for generating Information on demand when a user is looking for your service. It is a lead generating tool.

So guess what, if you answered these questions and you’re still wondering, we have a solution for you. We do FREE website assessments for users who are trying to figure out if it’s time to redesign their website. Contact us today, we would love to be your online business consultants and help you figure out these questions.

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