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By on 10/7/2011

I just started a new SEO project for an Atlanta Attorney, and decided I am going to blog about the entire process while bringing their website up to speed.  Each week Im going to blog about what we do during the process, and how we expect it to help.  So those that are researching how to make their company website a little more SEO friendly, hope this helps!

Week 1

First I wanted to get a baseline.  I ran a website grader report, which is a free tool I really love.  Turns out our site ranked great…a 6!  Yes that was sarcasm.  We need to try to get this up to the 90’s.

Goal 1: Bring the grader up to a 90

Next I installed Google Analytics, which is a free tracking software brought to us by the king himself…Google!  So we will gather some info over the next week and see where we stand as far as traffic and referring sites.

Next I did a quick search for sites linking in, and guess what?  We didn’t have any!  Sites linking in are like votes for your site.  The more you have, the better chance you have to win or be on top!

Goal 2: Get some sites linking in to us

So there we have it, our first 2 goals.  Stay tuned and leave comments if these steps have worked for you or you have ideas of your own.

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  1. Joelbennett says:

    Hey Joel- I like this and have shard it with a few already…

  2. Joelbennett says:

    Hey Joel- I like this and have shard it with a few already…

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