Step By Step SEO Part 2

By on 10/11/2011

The continuation of our step by step SEO series as we optimize and work with an Atlanta Attorney.  If you missed part one of Step By Step SEO, back up and read that one first.

So last week we defined a couple goals, ran a SEO report and installed tracking.  So this week we know a little more about how far we are along.  On a scale of 1 to 10, we are somewhere around 1.  Here are our next steps and findings.

Our website tracking shows 26 visits over the week, and 20 of those was probably me.  Ok, not really, I tried to stay off it completely.  Couple interesting things, the clients name was the most searched term, the bounce rate was low and the average time on site was ok.  So people are finding it relevant to the search term, his name.

We need to gain some additional search terms, keep the bounce rate low and increase the average time on site.  So there is our 3rd goal.

3rd Goal: Gain some additional search terms, keep the bounce rate low and increase the average time on site. 

So the first thing we did this week is find some good, traffic heavy search phrases.  You can do that for free with Googles Free Keyword Tool.  Then we went through every page of the site and put together relative titles, descriptions and keywords. The title is the blue phrase you click on, the description is the sales pitch under it and the keywords are not used much anymore but doesn’t hurt to add.

By working on all our page titles and keywords, we increased our SEO score from a 6 to a 15, plus we now have some really great search terms in our titles.  The titles are very important regarding how your site is indexed for certain terms in search engines.

So now we need to get the site reindexed with the new info, which is not always easy.  So what I did is link to the site in my blog post, and Tweeted about the site.  This should speed the process along.


Have thoughts or comments, leave them below.  Stay tuned for part 3 of Step By Step SEO.

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  2. nice post. really learned a lot from here.

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    Like the practical approach in text.

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    no link to the next post 🙂 had to tyyype)

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