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By on 10/12/2009

What makes great logo design?  That is a question that has many answers.  Any business owner wants their logo to stand for something, and stand out in the sea of competitors.  But how as designers, do we help the client accomplish this task?  Every project, every logo and every client needs its own unique answer.  And to reach this answer requires hard work, research and revisions.

So what does great logo design have in common.  Here are some comparisons from companies and logo designs that you know, and what makes them so great.

Keep It Simple Logo Design

These logos are 2 of the most popular in the world, and there is no fancy text, colors, design or really anything else for that matter.  They are so simple, yet so powerful.

Nike Logo

Sony Logo

Color in Logo Design

We all love color.  I sometimes see black and white movies, and think to myself how boring life must have been back in the ‘old days.’  I even have to remind myself that the people in those movies are actually in color!  So here is some color, from two of the most recognized brands in the world.

Ebay LogoGoogle Logo

Shapes in Logo Design

Shapes are easy to remember.  When you see a logo, and its shape is magnified, or skewed from the normal, it seems to stick in our minds.  Take a look at these two popular logos below and see if you can figure them out without me telling you what they are.

McDonalds LogoPepsi Logo

There are many different approaches you can take with logo design.  Logo’s are a very important step in the development of your company, and requires thought, research and hard work.  If you are serious about your company and it’s brand, use a professional logo development company.  I am pretty sure that none of the above companies used a $99 logo company to design their logos.

I am interested with your take on logos and what you think about the big brands of the world.  Please leave us comments on what you believe makes great logo design.


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  1. Your writing is impressive. I love how you made your viewpoints so clear. You must have done a lot of research to reach these conclusions.

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