The Branding Process & Brand Identity

By on 09/19/2012

Continuing our Branding series this month, we will move onto the Branding Process and the overall Brand Identity! A quick recap from last month, we learned that a brand is not a logo; a successful brand stands out among competition; and how the consumer perceives a brand will make or break a business.

So what is a brand’s identity compared to just a brand?

The identity is tangible, meaning you can see it, feel it and hold it.  The identity is the physical element of the brand; it’s what the consumer sees on a billboard or what they pick up at the grocery store. So it’s a very important asset to a new or existing brand to stand out among the competition. You want your package to jump off the shelf and into the hands of a loyal customer, not to be pushed aside and left to catch dust.

A successful design is the key to creating a successful brand that attracts and reels in the consumer.

Just a little statistic to illustrate the average consumers exposure to brands: On an average day consumers are exposed to 6,000 advertisements and more than 25,000 new products a year! That’s a lot of exposure, let alone a lot of hard decisions! So make it easy on yourself and your target consumer- build a brand with a great identity that is easily recognizable in the zoo of brands that are cluttering our material world!

Here are some examples of brands whose identity has taken over their industry through design, differentiation and demand.

  1. The Coca Cola Company– besides the color red, Coke has patented the design of the actual bottle the product is contained. In a world flooded with brands and products, the Coca Cola image has been able to maintain its stance as one of the most valued brands in the world.
Coca-Cola Banding

Coca-Cola Banding

Check out history behind the brand and read about the newest Brand Redesign by Turner Duckworth.

  1. Starbucks Coffee– Although Starbucks hasn’t been around since the 1800s, through the last 20 years this brand has made a huge impact in not just coffee, but on society. Starbucks has become a more than a brand, it has become a lifestyle. Similarly to Coke, value and popularity allowed Starbucks to minimize the brand identity to color and shape –eliminating typography completely.
Starbucks Branding

Starbucks Branding

See how Starbucks carries over their brand identity to their coffeehouses.

So for the up-and-coming business developers or anyone looking to revamp your current brand identity, take some notes from these big brands!

Next up, Brand Identity Ideals!

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