Beneficial Tips for a New Graphic Designer

By on 06/13/2012

As a graphic designer new to the design agency world it is very easy to become completely overwhelmed. A full time job is like a semester of design projects thrown into one week- and you must keep track of your time! It’s 4 hours to create a successful logo instead of two weeks. It’s a fast-paced, full- throttle working environment where creating successful and functional designs that please the clients is number one in your book. It is a world full of creative functionality and anything less than eye-catching will cost you time and money so it is very important to keep your creative juices flowing!

Tips for a new Graphic Designer

Tips for a new Graphic Designer

So if you are so overwhelmed about your new chapter in life here are a couple of very vital and useful tips to help you sleep a little better a night!

  1. Breath! Everything will be ok. Do the best that you can because there will always be a learning curve to every new job. Your first couple of weeks is all about taking in all aspects of business and becoming familiar with your surroundings and work environment. Starting a new job is an exciting moment in your life because you finally get to put the skills you learned in school to the test and gain even more insight into your field. If you aren’t proficient in a program, there are SO many online tutorials that will teach you new tricks and techniques to build up your skill level. The more you practice the them, the more you will be able to expand your creativity.
  2. Stay creative! It can be very overwhelming having several big projects to work on at one time and even more overwhelming trying to stay creative in the process. One of the most important things is to not lose your inspiration or your style. A great idea is to bookmark websites that inspire you. Design blogs are a great way to start because there are thousands and you can usually find one for the specific project you are working on. Also start collecting any print media you find and making a little notebook to keep them in or pin them to a bulletin board to keep them all together.
  3. Stay hands on! Don’t lose yourself to the computer, keep something beside you to write and draw on at all times. Remember, the pencil came before the mouse and your creativity can still flow onto paper just as fast as it can onto the computer. Save some time at the beginning of every project to brainstorm and sketch your ideas out. Whether you are working on a logo, brochure or business stationary it is always a good idea to get your ideas out on paper first- that way you will not forget!

These are just three good tips to keep in mind when starting at your first design agency job! Remember that as you are designing you are learning and building up your professional design style! 

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