Digital Marketing Packages

Marketing strategy is a part of small business that is many times overlooked.  Our missions is to give small business a bigger opportunity for growth through marketing strategy, creative design and a stronger online presence. We feel these all go hand-in-hand, you need them all to work cohesively.  We have answered this concern with marketing packages that are flexible and comprehensive.  

  • More bang for your buck, with a discounted rate and no administrative time figured in such as quoting and billing
  • A monthly budget so you know how much you will have budgeted each month
  • First priority on projects and turn around times
  • A dedicated project manager to speak with by phone if needed
  • A team of people to make suggestions regarding marketing and design and allowing us to implement them. Our company newsletters and blog post will keep you engaged with bright ideas and key suggestions!

Below Are Some Of The Services Included In Our Marketing Packages:

Brand AnalysisConsultationWebsite Design & Maintenance
Graphic DesignPress ReleasesSEO, Website Analytics & Tracking
Marketing CollateralEmail MarketingPay-Per-Click Marketing

Here Are How Our Marketing Packages Work

We have 3 pricing levels; Starter, Standard and The Marketeer! They are each based on a set number of hours per month that is included in the package. The rate for these hours are discounted, and if you exceed the package hours, you will continue to receive the discounted rate for the overage.

Digital Marketing