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Creating Offers and Landing Pages

Posted on 25/03/14 by Joel Black

Creating high converting landing pages is not something that you do the first time and get it right. You have to test and optimize your landing pages.

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What Can We Learn About SEO From Atlanta Traffic?

Posted on 12/02/14 by Joel Black

One thing that I’ve learned from the SEO and internet marketing business is that nothing happens fast. It’s a continuous and steady pace of building online relationships, generating quality content, using social networks to propagate content and to strengthen relationships as well as building a strong website that as correctly coded.

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5 Reasons People Leave Your Website

Posted on 06/02/14 by Joel Black

A good website boosts your reputation while a bad one will scare away potential customers. This should be motivation enough to invest in a good website.

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Blogging Strategies For Marketing

Posted on 30/12/13 by Joel Black

If you are new to blogging and wondering how to get started, here are blogging strategies for 2014 that you can easily integrate into your business.

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What Is The First Step To Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Posted on 04/11/13 by Joel Black

If you have not dove into pay-per-click marketing and are holding off because it seems to confusing, I’ll share an easy step-by-step tutorial that will have you up and running in less than an hour.

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What is my first step with SEO

Posted on 09/09/13 by Joel Black

If anyone’s ever tried P90X, you probably heard the host say, “I love it, but I hate it.” That pretty much sums up the relationship of SEO. But to get down to the first steps of increasing your websites search engine optimization, knowledge and understanding is power. Before you can understand SEO, you have to understand […]

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Brand Consistency in Social Media

Posted on 04/10/12 by Joel Black

As a small to medium sized business, you’ve realized the importance that being involved with social media has to your customers and your business. Whether you’ve hired a company to manage your accounts, hired someone internally, or divided the responsibilities to different people throughout the company, one important thing to remember is CONSISTENCY.  The kind […]

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How to Gain Better Results on Search Engines

Posted on 21/09/12 by Joel Black

For years companies big and small have tried to outwit the search engines in order to gain a better results on search engines.  Trends change and searches get smarter, so focus on a steady and foundational strategy.  From attempts at content relevant key words and metadata, blogging, plugins, paid adword campaigns, the fight for better […]

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How to Use Pintrest for Business

Posted on 25/07/12 by Joel Black

Pinterest, although having over 10 million users as of January 2012, is still largely unknown to a lot of business owners. Even if they have heard about it, they might have a lot of confusion as to how “pinning” works or how it could help their business at all. With a little more information and […]

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Black Bear Design June Marketing Newsletter

Posted on 11/06/12 by Joel Black

Graphic Design and Marketing Newsletter from Black Bear Design. Set up Google analytics reports & welcome to newest designer Mary Frances

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Social Media Has Changed Everything

Posted on 26/03/12 by Joel Black

Social Media,talking specifically about Twitter for this blog, came on the scene. And what it did was to give the people a voice

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How to change or remove Google Analytics weekly email

Posted on 12/01/12 by Joel Black

I have been trying for some time to figure out how to change or even stop the Google Analytics weekly emailer in the new Google Analytics system to no avail.  Well, today I finally found some info on it from Google…back from November!  It shows how to do it by simply clicking the “Standard Reporting […]

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Step by Step SEO Part 8

Posted on 29/12/11 by Joel Black

So last week in Step by Step SEO Part 7, we set up webmaster tools, reviewed a WebCEO report and set up a WordPress blog on our own domain.  This week we are setting up a few plugins, categories and tags in our WordPress blog. First, lets find those important plugins to install.  If you […]

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