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What does your brand need to advance?

Posted on 02/11/12 by Joel Black

What does your brand need to advance? What makes one brand better than the other? We think the answer is the perfect mixture of the following identity ideals that any and all businesses should strive for. Vision Meaning Authenticity Differentiation Durability Coherence Flexibility Commitment Value Instead of just explaining what each ideal stands for, let’s […]

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Black Bear Design June Marketing Newsletter

Posted on 11/06/12 by Joel Black

Graphic Design and Marketing Newsletter from Black Bear Design. Set up Google analytics reports & welcome to newest designer Mary Frances

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What Makes a Good Logo?

Posted on 11/05/10 by Joel Black

A logo is a design, graphical representation, image or symbol that represents a business or organization. Really, it’s more than just an image! It is and will become part of a larger marketing concept for your company. Ask yourself what you would like for your customers to perceive or identify with your logo. Some logos […]

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Great Logo Design

Posted on 12/10/09 by Joel Black

What makes great logo design?  That is a question that has many answers.  Any business owner wants their logo to stand for something, and stand out in the sea of competitors.  But how as designers, do we help the client accomplish this task?  Every project, every logo and every client needs its own unique answer. […]

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