Black Bear Design Launches New Website for Electronic Data Exchange VAN Services Consolidator

Atlanta, Georgia – May 27, 2014 – Atlanta web design agency Black Bear Design is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for an Electronic Data Exchange VAN Services Consolidator that provides world-class secure Electronic Document Exchange Value-added Network services. Black Bear Digital’s role included the strategy, development and launch of the site. They created a top to bottom web design featuring new page and URL structure, SEO optimization, an updated brand image and a clean user-friendly design.


The team at Black Bear Design showcased their creativity with the launch of the new website. The website features a clean design, easy navigability and as a result is extremely user friendly. It was developed to include responsive design elements that allow the site to be easily viewed across multiple device platforms.

The launch of the new website is an example of Black Bear Design’s approach to building responsive web design using the industries most modern technologies and best practices, including WordPress and Bootstrap. Black Bear Design’s mission is to create a remarkable online experience the clients and their customers. They take a four-step approach to the web design process that includes planning, creative design, development, extensive testing and review prior to live launch.

Black Bear Design President Joel Black explained “When working with a client, we want to know every aspect of their business including their online goals. We feel it’s important that they understand our web design process as well. Our creative process is simple and transparent. We work closely with our clients, and provide them with a detailed step-by-step guide for their web design to take them through the process from the initial planning thru the launch.”

Black Bear Design is an Atlanta based web design firm offering all forms of online marketing including website design, website redesign, search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click marketing. The agency features a creative team including multi-media specialists, IT developers, PR consultants, marketers, illustrators, and designers to help you build your brand online. While the company is serious about what they do, you will also find them fun to work with.


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