Black Bear Design Launches Branding Services in Atlanta and Rebrands Themselves

Atlanta’s top graphic design company is changing its look for the new year, as well as introducing new business concepts in order to reach out to a bigger market. In addition to launching a new brand with a new logo and a new look for the company’s website; Black Bear Design is constantly looking to improve every service offered, including logo design, branding,website design, and much, much more.

With the rise of social media and its use by businesses and corporations to communicate with customers, Black Bear Design has taken to each social media platform to advertise its graphic design services and newest innovations. The company can be found on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Pinterest. Whatever your preference, you are sure to remain updated on all the latest news. As a side-note, Facebook pages for businesses often contain more information, while Twitter pages consist more of announcements, short advertisements, and relatively-short bursts of information. Black Bear Design has also re-designed its website for reasons other than launching the new brand; the new website, like many company websites, has been re-designed to be compatible with mobile phones. The rapid expansion of the mobile market in 2013 demands that company sites be “mobile-friendly” and easily accessible from phones that connect to the internet.

One of the top innovations made for the New Year involves the introduction of a new marketing package specifically designed for small businesses. Because small businesses often lack the sufficient resources to maintain a marketing team, the package offered by Black Bear Design includes services such as website maintenance, search engine optimization, website analytics, and various graphic design services. The package has three pricing levels, which depend on the number of contracted hours: Starter, Standard, and the Marketeer. What’s even better is that it’s not exclusive to the city of Atlanta and its surrounding areas; Black Bear Design’s small-business services are available all around the country!

Social media and mobile marketing have dramatically changed the way business advertise and present themselves to customers; Black Bear Design’s innovations for the new year show that the company is expanding and always looking to improve its already highly-praised graphic design services for its customers.

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