How do you help improve SEO & PPC?

SEO and PPC are confusing beasts to tackle. They require a high level of expertise. Luckily, Black Bear has quite a few experts. We only take on SEO projects that we know will be successful, and by successful we mean ROI. We do this by utilizing our proven process.


We are also able to deliver results with PPC because we measure success the same way you do: sales! We track all the activities that lead to conversions so can can constantly improve our process. We measure:

  • CTRs
  • Conversions
  • Phone calls
  • Basic metrics

We offer user level analytics, real time monitoring, heat maps, scroll maps, A/B testing and many other metrics that help us make better decisions with page content, calls to action and conversions. It is these processes and analyses that get the results you’re looking for.

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