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Why It’s Time for Social Media to Integrate With Your Marketing Strategy

When social media just started making waves in the marketing world, it was seen by most as marketing’s red-headed step sister. No one was fully aware of what to do with it or how to harness the power of social for their business. Fast forward to present day, and nearly anyone who’s anyone is on […]

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Can Social Media Reinvigorate Your Business Growth?

Social media is the best, free way to market your business. Getting in front of potential customers in their homes, at their jobs or while they’re running errands is possible with the use of social media. Unfortunately, we can’t talk to hundreds sometimes thousands of people about the products and services our company offers. With social […]

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My Facebook App Doesnt Show Up On Searches

Adding an App to a Page As a Page Tab App developer, you can prompt users to install your Page Tab App by including an “Install this Page Tab App” link that explicitly directs the user to the /dialog/pagetab endpoint, either within your Page Tab App or Website: where YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_URL can be found in […]

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