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As you may have heard on the news, website hacks are becoming more and more of a risk for every size website. Even though you may have a smaller site and think you are not at risk, you are! Hackers are not only interested in your customer’s personal information, they also are looking for a host to propagate their messages. If you have a website, you are at risk. If a hacker can break into government level security, they can break into your website.

We are sending you this important message so you are informed about the risk and your options. Every website is at risk, but if you do not update your web application regularly, you are at additional risks for every update you miss. Updates are released because a vulnerability is found and it requires patching. The current version of WordPress is 4.3. Log into your dashboard, and if you are not on 4.3, you should update to the newest version immediately.

We also add a layer of protection to our websites, although again, if hackers can break into companies like Home Depot, Target and the IRS, they will have no problem getting past this basic level of security.

Below are options and steps that you can take to give you the best protection.

  1. Professional level monitoring and security, including firewall protection. We partner with a security company called Sucuri, which offers a suite of security products. This is a $200 yearly subscription and 2 hours of installation / setup time.
    1. Retainer Clients: Respond that you want option 1 and we will handle everything using your available time
    2. Non-Retainer Clients: $675 block of time will cover everything the first year, $200/ year thereafter
  2. Update the WordPress application and all of the plugins
    1. Retainer Clients: We will do this for you, you do not need to respond requesting this option
    2. Non-Retainer Clients: Options are to do this yourself at no cost, or we can do this under a block of time, which is $675. Can be combined with option 1
  3. Install your own WordPress security plugins. You can log into your WordPress dashboard and add security plugins such as iThemes Security (which may be installed already) & WordFence. They will require setup, which you could do yourself at no cost, or purchase a block of time ($675) for our assistance.

We felt it was very important to notify you of risk and options to keep your website and online presence safe and secure.

We appreciate your business and want to provide the best service to our clients.

Thank You,

The Black Bear Design Team

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