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By on 09/17/2015

Creating a custom website is no easy feat. At Black Bear Design, we build sites from the ground up and gain our clients’ trust every step of the way. Wireframes are a crucial phase in the design process, and many clients have questions. Wireframes can be described as the skeleton or the architectural blueprint of a website. Typically without color, they designate structure and function, and help keep everyone on the same page.

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Our web designers take notes from the client’s audit and generate a preliminary sketch of the website. From this sketch, the designer can develop the wireframes. After the wireframes are completed, they are sent to the client for approval. Revisions are made if necessary. Once approved, the designer can begin creating the actual site from the “skeleton” of the wireframe. All navigation, structure, and functionality are approved during the wireframe stage. These exact specifications allow the web designer to develop the site from an approved template.

Why Use Wireframes?

Wireframes ensure the page content is exactly where it should be while the designer designates the functionality of the navigation and tests the user experience. It is faster and more cost effective to edit pages in a wireframe format than those that are live. The designer and client can work together to make structural changes during this stage at a fast pace. There are myriad advantages to using wireframes as part of the website design process. However, the designer and client both need to effectively visualize the final page to grasp the concept. The designer may need to explain why page elements are positioned in a specific way, or do a walk through on the actual navigation functionality.

Overall, wireframes are very useful in the early stages of website development and allow both designer and client to agree before proceeding with a certain structure. Wireframes can save considerable time in revisions later in the process. Black Bear Design appreciates the wireframing stage as it gives both our designers and clients confidence in the final product.



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