What’s in a Blog: Why Your Business Should be Blogging

By on 12/1/2019

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Should your business be blogging? You’d be surprised just how much a well-written blog can help your business. As a successful digital marketing company, the experts at Black Bear Design can show you how.

Blogging Keeps Your Website Fresh

Websites can easily become stagnant, so posting new content via a blog keeps your website fresh. Blogging – and cross-posting those posts to your website – enables your website to look new and current with minimal effort.

Blogging Boosts Your Website’s Search Ranking

Customers love new content, and so does Google. Google ranks sites with fresh content higher than sites with stale old content, which makes blogging an essential part of your SEO strategy. Our years of experience as a successful marketing agency have shown us that regular blog posts will help your site rank higher in Google’s search results.

Blogging Provides Value to Customers

Blog posts shouldn’t be all fluff. You want to create posts that provide value to customers – show them how to do something or fix something or learn something new. When you provide real value, customers will remember that and return for more.

Blogging Promotes Social Sharing

When you post something useful or interesting, customers will share it via social media. The more a post is shared, the bigger the audience you have for your brand and products.

Blogging Establishes You as an Expert

When you blog about industry issues, you automatically become an expert. People trust experts and that trust can easily turn visitors into customers.

Blogging Humanizes Your Company

Most blogs are written in informal language, not rigid business-speak. Presenting your information in a casual fashion puts a human face on your company – and most customers would rather deal with a regular person than a faceless corporation.

Blogging Enhances Online Sales

A blog is another mechanism to sell your products and services. When you mention a product in a blog post you expose that product to new potential customers. The more exposure you get, the more sales you’ll get.

Blogging Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Yes, it takes time and effort to write regular blog posts. If you have the in-house staff to do it, great. If not, look to the experts at Black Bear Design, a successful Atlanta digital marketing company. We can help you start your blog and keep it fresh – and you reap all the benefits!

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