What Your Website Says About Your Business

By on 12/14/2010

Have you ever not told someone to look at your website because you knew it was bad?  Or have you ever looked at someones website and though to yourself it might have been better if you had not seen it?  Look at the bright side, at least your better off than the 46% of small businesses that dont even have a website.  If your one of those that have a bad website, or none at all, there is help.  You dont have to spend a fortune and try to produce the best site out there with all the bells and whistles.  Find a middle ground, something that is an extension of you and your business.

Here are some thoughts on how to develop a website that speaks well of  your business, and accurately conveys your message online.

If you Have Products, the Design Should Accentuate Your Products

Erin Smith are is a very creative paintings, card and specialty items store.  I love the way the site accentuates that by being very creative, yet muted colors so that it really lets the products showcase themselves.  You should never let your website overpower your product, because you are trying to sell you product, not the website.  Now if your product is a web based service or websites themselves, then yes, you would want to make sure your user had a creative and pleasing user experience.

So have a nice design that fits within the feel of your products, but leave room for the products to speak.

Informational Sites Doesnt Mean Boring Necessarily

The Green Room Agency is a great example of a fun website.  Their is no product or service being sold online.  Nyssa is simply showcasing information about her company, but through the design and feel of the site, you feel like your in New York getting ready for the red carpet.  When i’m getting ready for a big event and need hair or makeup, I looking for excitement because I want to feel and look like a star!

So even if its just an informational site,  have a design that is geared to your customer.

Add a Personal Touch

What I really love about Dustin Shaw Homes is their website doesn’t hard sell you a home.  It presents a lifestyle to you, and gives you information where to find it.  They add nice images of families and friends grilling out and kids lounging in the pool.  Makes me want to call the neighbors over and defrost the grill.

People connect with people, so bring the personal touch to your site.

The Point

So whats the point you ask?  The point is talk to a professional web designer if you have a bad, or no site.  Many people make the mistake of going to a ‘design it yourself’ company to save money, then cringe when someone ask your website address.  A website can be an asset to your image, or it can be your downfall.  How many times have you went to a poorly designed website and not made the purchase or call because their website spoke poorly about them?

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