What Does Award Winning Web Design Really Mean?

By on 06/11/2016

We hear about these great websites with the classification of “award winning,” but have you ever wondered what “award winning” really means? What classifies a website to have this label of “award winner,” or what makes it an “award winning web design?” Today, we’ll cover what this term is made up of to deepen your knowledge of what truly is behind the label.

Obie award winning web design


The Concept of Award Winning Web Design Simplified

The factors that make up this award winning web design are very simplistic in nature as it has the following four points of its architecture:

  • Design and Creativity: Design can be broken down into a few points that include originality, simplicity, consistency, user-friendliness. The design factor of award winning web design originality can be viewed as a creative distinction that stands out from a website’s unique look and feel to include interactive tools to show off your brand while incorporating simplicity to get straight to the point while having easy navigation through the consistency of the website, all while being user-friendly.
  • Usability: To have award winning web design usability has to be broken down to be available and accessible at the same time. This relies on the server uptime, broken links, and mobile responsiveness. Clarity is also a clear factor as you want your customer to come what they came for without being distracted, thus they might feel dissatisfied with coming to your website as they forgot what they came for.
  • Content: This is a big factor of award winning web design as it defines who your company/brand is. Content should be relevant, and it’s essential for you to know who the customer is. Your content should be user-friendly and directed at the customer, and you want to share with as much information, so they visualize your dream.

Award winning web design isn’t that complicated as it’s only made up of four components. The next time you are browsing through the web and see an award winning web design, just remember what you’ve learned today and see if you can recognize if that website is truly “award winning!”

What aspects might you add to the structure of an award winning web design if you could?


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