What Is My First Step To Market To My Local Area

By on 09/3/2013

When I first started my web design business, I knew it was a great idea. Only problem is, no one else knew it was a great idea. When you’re a new business starting out, most likely you satisfied a need of business associates, friends or general networking partners that you know. Those people might have been your first customers, and a lot of times they are instrumental in getting your business off the ground. But honestly, you can only know so many people before those leads dry up. So what is the first step to finding new leads.

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

If you think back when you first started your business, or maybe you’re just starting a business right now, think about the things you had to do to be official.  You have to file for a tax ID , get a business license and had to put and ad in the paper that said you were starting a business. So let’s stop right there and think about that for a minute. So there is a public forum where new business owners have to announce that they are starting a new business?  I might suggest this to be your first marketing or lead generation resource.

Since I own an internet marketing company, I realize that all new business owners need marketing services.  So a good first step in marketing your business is to make a call or send a postcard to some of these new businesses that are listed in the paper. You may not be in the marketing business, but maybe you’re in the insurance business. These new business owners are going to need insurance. Maybe you’re in the healthcare industry, new business owners are going to need healthcare. The list goes on and on, new businesses need a lot of products and services, and if you were like me when you’re starting out, you didn’t really know where to get them.

So my first step to marketing your business to local businesses is checking the paper and see who’s registered for business license and contact them.  

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