13 Updates to Make to your Website in 2013

By on 01/15/2013

With the coming of the New Year, business owners are looking to drop pounds to make themselves more effective and drop clutter from a web site to do the same for their web presence. Web design can often seem like a confusing place, especially for new business owners. Here are 13 things you can do to follow some of the website trends 2013 users are going to be conscious of this year.

As has been the case for the past few years, Google will be very important for web presence. You need to have Google Analytics in place to get important figures relating to concepts like your return on investment for advertising and presence on social networks. Another of the website trends 2013 business owners need to follow is the implementation of Google Adwords. Adwords campaigns give you important information about search keywords and will help you with pay per click advertising. You should also get your business listed on Google Places to attract local customers that search for companies in your area.

A user-friendly, attractive design is one of the important website trends 2013 web businesses need to think about, as it has always been. No matter how much groundbreaking technology you have on your site, a poor design will send users running for the hills. This design needs to convey refreshed content that is regularly updated. Maintain a blog on your site as well to improve your site’s search engine optimization and provide an easy platform for updating content. Having a content strategy in place to govern blogs and other information on your site will help keep your page cohesive.

Mobile friendly content is also one of the crucial website trends 2013 consumers will be looking for. A site needs to load quickly on mobile devices that use all kinds of platforms. Your site should have a phone number that mobile devices can click on, so that people can find your phone number in the car, hopefully while still paying attention to the road. Reports show that the mobile market is expanding rapidly, so many of the website trends 2013 experts recommend online businesses adhere to relate to mobile platforms.

Contact forms to save user email addresses are vital as well. These forms should be employed in an E-newsletter strategy that can help bring traffic in to your page. E-newsletters are one of the website trends 2013 organizations need to pay attention to, as these newsletters are a great way to bring in new customers. Remarketing, which allows you to attract people that have already seen your site, will help make your page have a broader presence.

Social media presence is also among the highly popular website trends 2013 webmasters need to think about. All businesses can find some type of social media that they can use to gain attention from customers. If you can utilize some form of each of these website trends 2013 consumers will be more drawn to your site, and you can ring in the New Year with new customers and greater online visibility. Follow these hints to make your organization’s web site more effective long after you have given up on your New Year’s resolutions.

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