10 Pitfalls to avoid in website design

By on 09/19/2011

When you decide it’s time to design or redesign your website, where do you start and what do you need to watch out for?  Here are a few things that usually make a difference in the design process and ultimately the final website.

1. Experience is important to a degree. A designer without experience might be able to design a nice website thats visually appealing, but it might not be very usable for your customers and clients.  Also, when it comes to coding the site, they may not know best practices and take shortcuts that end up costing you in the long run.

2. SEO is something to keep in mind at the very beginning.  Search Engine Optimization is a whole different ballgame, and a lot of times website designers don’t specialize in SEO.  Since SEO is an ongoing process, it’s important that the website designer has a good working knowledge in SEO.  They might not need to be an expert, but basic principles need to be worked into the design, such as the more important terms layed out in H1 or header positions, phone number at the top and many other minor design elements that make a big difference to search engines.

SEO & Internet Marketing

SEO & Internet Marketing

3. FLASH is a bad idea.  People are finally starting to get this.  We have not had someone request FLASH in years now.  When I used to tell people about FLASH, it was a long conversation to explain why they should not use it.  Now, I just bring up the iPhone or iPad and they immediately realize it’s not a good idea.

4. A Mobile Friendly Design should be kept in mind.  Its not hard to put together a website thats mobile friendly if you follow best practice guidelines.  Yes, there are a few tricks that are important.  For example, if you have a drop down menu, don’t make the main item that triggers the drop down action link to a page.  If your on a iPhone for example, the main navigation item will trigger the drop down, but if it links to a page, it will go to that page instead of letting the user select from the drop down menu.

5. Goals and Planning the perfect website is important.  If you don’t have a goal or a plan to reach that goal, chances are you want a website because you think your supposed to have one.  You have to be your client and ask the questions your client ask.  What are they looking for when they get to your site?  How do you want to give them the answer, and how much of the answer do you want them to have before a call to action?  A step by step funnel and call to action needs to be put into place.

Thats the first 5 in my 10 pitfalls to avoid in website design.  You need experience, a SEO strategy, a mobile friendly design without FLASH, and a plan to action.  Stay tuned for part 2, and if you have any questions or comments, leave them below.


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3 responses to “10 Pitfalls to avoid in website design”

  1. I guess also time allocated for a website is essential. I mean if someone can make a website in one day, hmmm… but if he/she takes 3 weeks as a precaution, then might be better.

  2. Zandro says:

    Hi Joel, when I went to some Atlanta website design, they didn’t include these when they’ve created some samples for my website and now I know the reasons behind those stuff. Thank you very much! Will be subscribing o RSS for some new info. Keep it up!

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