Understanding SEO and Google: Why Fresh Content Matters

By on 10/15/2019

Having difficulty understanding SEO? You’re not alone. From the biggest marketing agency in Atlanta to the upstart freelancer new to the game, everybody has the same thing powering their web presence – content.

That is not to say all content is created equal. A detailed, well-research article with sources will hold up better than the “You Will Never BELIEVE What Happens Next” bait piece.

Even among good content, people have varying preferences that change constantly. Google is in charge of keeping up with that, and as such, it indexes search results differently. This is why no matter what you are writing about, you need to keep your content fresh.

What is SEO, and Why Does it Matter?

What things do people input into search engines? Hot topics, common questions, favorite brands – when pages have these terms in their content, they tend to rank higher and bring in more traffic.

This technique of putting popular search terms in content is known as search engine optimization or SEO. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and it is smart enough to know whether you use those terms organically and conversationally. If you do, you should rank higher.

However, the same keywords do not always keep the same ranking potential. Given that Google gets 3.5 billion searches per day, which equates to over 1.2 trillion per year, ranking potential changes along with user search preferences.

That is a massive amount of traffic, and thus a massive number of pages aiming to get the same spots you are. Picture yourself at an auction – it would not be fun to have to bid among a few billion other people, would it?

Fresh content is the key to staying high in the ranks, as it lets you maintain the rank you have already earned, and build towards better ones. Fresh content also gives you the chance to work in new keywords that can help you achieve even more high-ranking spots for your content.

Fresh Content Means Fresh Ranking Opportunities

As search terms gain popularity, it becomes more important to capitalize on them. More pages with more quality content including high-ranking keywords is a sure recipe for traffic.

Whether it is the biggest agency for digital marketing in Atlanta or a small business that has just started with SEO, the formula for success is the same.

A steady flow of fresh pages (blogs, landing pages, etc.) that use popular keywords in a conversational manner will get the attention of Google. Once you do that, you can get the attention of the billions of people who use the search engine every day.

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