Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

By on 06/30/2016

Digital marketing has become increasingly multifaceted with the passage of time. Google’s algorithms are always in flux, turning search engine optimization into a highly specialized field. Web design, code, and content marketing all need to be placed carefully into a digital marketing strategy that has as much nuance and complexity as a Van Gogh painting. It takes an array of specialists to create a digital campaign. Video, written content, web design, and every other media required in a profitable digital marketing strategy need their own experts, working as a team. These days, there’s simply no other way to gain real return on investment than with a digital marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Agency

There are excellent reasons the business world is shifting to digital marketing:

  • Those with an active blog generate 67% more leads.
  • Organic client engagement increased by over 100% on Facebook in 2015.
  • Four of the top five most important marketing strategies for 2016 are digital.
  • 55% of B2B marketers claim that search engine marketing is more effective than any other advertising medium.
  • Just under 70% of Americans shop online regularly.

With statistics this promising, it’s no surprise that the world’s top five computing and digital marketing agencies are also responsible for spending 50% of all online ad dollars.

Everything in the digital marketing world evolves at a rate of knots, so staying industry-relevant is difficult if you’re not keeping an eye on new algorithms and statistics daily. One simple change in Google’s SEO rules could earn your business a black mark that’s difficult to recover from, so you need professionals who can stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trends.

A New Era in the Digital Marketing Agency

Data overload was once considered digital marketing’s greatest bane, but it’s led to organic campaigns that are more efficient than anything that preceded them. Buyers weighed down with information became increasingly skeptical of obvious advertising, so Google had to adapt by giving them content that truly engaged them.

Microsoft’s Econometrics survey found that digital marketing media channels outperform outdoor, print, radio, and television marketing. This is just one of many indications that your digital marketing campaign needs to exist in a pixilated world where consumers can order your services or products with a single click.

Your marketing team is probably adept at handling a guerrilla campaign or branding effort, but they’re unlikely to know how to spread your corporate appeal across the internet in a way that lets you exploit digital marketing opportunities. Digital marketing demands the ability to tap into online culture and develop a plan that has enough creative depth to deal with the extreme competition between companies online.

The Death of Advertising

Marketing guru, Seth Godin, said, “The internet is the first medium […] in 100 years that wasn’t invented to make advertisers happy.” For this reason, buyers are decidedly more trusting of the digital marketing content they come across online. They’ve also become reliant on it for everything from shopping sprees to banking.

Regardless of whether you have a tiny corner store or a multi-million dollar agency, digital marketing not only increases your traffic, but puts you on the global map, too. The internet has no borders, so with the help of a robust e-commerce site, reliable mailing system, and digital marketing strategy, you can globalize your business, raise your returns, and decrease your overheads.

However, everything you do online has complex backend elements like code and metadata, and they all play a role in increasing your visibility. Only a digital marketing agency who’s comfortable with everything from UX to HTML can assure you of a profitable campaign.

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